[Linux-aus] David Newall - please run for council.

Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Sun Aug 7 08:45:00 EST 2011


I strongly urge you to run for council at the next election. You are clearly committed to analysing and dissecting the administrative details required to run Linux Australia. Your time and energy would be well spent in helping Linux Australia meets its administrative obligations.

Thank you for your time, your attention to detail, and your forensic analysis of the constitutional changes before us.

The only down side I see to your possible election to council, is that I suspect none of the members of the current effective council would like to continue if they had to work with you.

I do not understand why you have a problem with the constitutional changes, you really do seem to just be wasting people's time.

I really should not send this email.  But you're getting really annoying, and I'm annoyed. I will regret hitting send.

But what the heffalumps. *shrug*

Bombs away.

- Donna

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