[Linux-aus] Australian copyright law on computer programs and FLOSS licensing?

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Mon Aug 1 15:38:55 EST 2011

On 01/08/11 14:13, Bret Busby wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Jul 2011, Javier Candeira wrote:
>> Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 20:55:32 +1000
>> From: Javier Candeira<javier at candeira.com>
>> To: linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au
>> Subject: [Linux-aus] Australian copyright law on computer programs and FLOSS
>>      licensing?
>> My name is Javier Candeira, and I am working as a lecturer at Monash
>> University in Melbourne. This semester I am teaching Introduction to
>> Computing Technology, with one lecture devoted to legal aspects of
>> software development and usage.
>> Could you please recommend me some reference books or white papers
>> that look at copyright issues in software, and particularly at Free
>> and Open Source licensing **from an Australian perspective**?
>> In the past I have worked as a software developer and taught about
>> FLOSS for Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain, so I don't need
>> general information about Free Software in practice. I am also aware that
>> Australia is a signatory of the Berne Convention, and have access to
>> the 1968 Australian Copyright Act as amended [1], so I know that
>> roughly 80-90% of the material I teach in Spain is also valid here.
>> However, I am not a lawyer, and I have never received legal advice
>> regarding software development or open source licensing in Australia,
>> so I am looking for documentation that explains the Australian legal
>> particulars around programming and licensing.
> In PLUG, in Perth, WA, there used to be a lawyer, and this was his
> forte.
> Years ago, he gave a presentation about copyright law, including a
> comparison of the different licences (the GNU and BSD licences, etc).
> I do not remember his name (my memory is not so good, nowadays), and I
> do not know how to contact him.
> If anyone on this list, from PLUG, remembers him, they may be able to
> give his name, and a pointer in how to contact him.

that was probably jeremy malcolm you are thinking about Brett?

or maybe kim heitman


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