[Linux-aus] Linux Australia values statement

Ben Sturmfels ben at softwarefreedom.com.au
Wed Apr 6 11:10:07 EST 2011

Hi Mike and Council,

Good work on expressing LA's core values. Here's a few thoughts on the 

> As an organisation, we aim to represent and assist Open Source
> communities in Australia.

A significant number of participants consider themselves to be part of 
the Free Software movement, rather than the Open Source movement, so I'd 
suggest making an explicit mention of Free Software:

"As an organisation, we aim to represent and assist the Free Software 
and Open Source communities in Australia."

> We value the freedom to license intellectual property via any license
> an author chooses, and we strongly encourage the use of open licenses.

This sounds like you're saying that developers should have the freedom 
to encroach on individuals' control their computing. I'm sure this isn't 
what you mean. Also, by using the propaganda term "intellectual 
property", your roping in a whole lot of un-related issues, ie. 
copyright, patent, trademark and registered design laws. I'd suggest 
replacing this sentence with:

"We endorse the use of free software and free culture copyright licenses."

Hope that helps.


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