[Linux-aus] Council Circular Resolution

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Fri Mar 26 08:55:46 EST 2010

Council Circular Resolution re the Linux Australia PO Box.

It is necessary to gain access to the PO Box so that we can make change to it. We believe it is still in Anand Kumria's name.

* Email to council: 16:55 Thursday, 2010/02/18
* Email to council: 20:20 Thursday, 2010/02/18

 * Proposed by: John Ferlito
 * Seconded by: Alice Boxhall
 * Approved by: James Turnbull, John Ferlito, Michael Carden, Peter Lieverdink, Lindsay Holmwood, Alice Boxhall, Elspeth Thorne.


 * It was resolved to renew the PO Box at Wynyard
 * It was resolved that the administrator for the Linux Australia PO Box should be changed to John Ferlito (we believe it is currently Anand Kumria)
 * It was resolved that the PO Box should be forwarded to John Ferlito's home address

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