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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Jun 30 22:56:01 EST 2010

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On 06/29/2010 01:27 PM, Trent Lloyd wrote:
> Just got an e-mail in from AUDA, they have released their draft recommendations;
> http://www.auda.org.au/new2ldsap/new2ldsap-index/
> conf.au
> 2.7	Of the two proposals to reactivate conf.au, one (Walsh) supports the narrow focus of the original 2LD on conferences and exhibitions, while the other (Tearle) suggests that the 2LD could be expanded to include a wider range of events. Both proponents argue that the utility of conf.au has already been demonstrated through past use (eg. linux.conf.au, bestforwomen.conf.au).
> 2.8	The Panel notes that the majority of responses to the online survey were from people who wanted to express their support for the reactivation of conf.au, and of those, the majority focused specifically on the continuation of linux.conf.au.
> 2.9	Notwithstanding the enthusiastic support of the Linux community, the Panel does not believe that there is sufficient evidence of general user demand for the reactivation of conf.au. As noted above in relation to event.au, the Panel’s own attempt to consult with the peak body for Australian conference organisers was unsuccessful.

I may be stating the obvious here, but it strikes me as a somewhat circular
argument for auDA to say that because there hasn't been much demand for a
domain which is hard to get, lasts only six months, and has a history of poor
service and difficulties, therefore they shouldn't provide that service?
Perhaps if I sit in a boat in the middle of Lake Burley Griffin and offer free
vouchers for a week for two in the Australia Hotel, Roma, I'd conclude that
there must be no demand for accommodation in outback Queensland.

My brother, who recently ran the Photographic Society of Queensland 2010
convention (http://psq2010.com/), noted that a .conf.au would have been a very
useful thing; his convention fit the use of the .conf.au domain perfectly.
Yet he can't because auDA don't see any need.

(My other gripe is: this isn't 'psq2010.something.au', because .something.au
domains all have very specific purpose and auDA charges a lot for them.  It's
cheaper, and often easier, to get a .com or .net domain even if your business
is Australian and your target market is Australians.  Speaking as the co-host
of canberramotorbikeparking.net, when you look at how much Australian domain
registries charge for a .au domain and the hoops you have to go through, it
does make one wonder whether they're shooting themselves and Australia's
internet reputation in the foot.  But that's another story).

When .au domains can be easily purchased and hassle free, then maybe auDA will
see more interest in things like .conf.au.

Have fun,

Paul, who OTOH still doesn't see why .museum should exist.
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