[Linux-aus] Council Meeting 2010/06/09

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Wed Jun 9 21:01:09 EST 2010

Wed, 2010-06-09 20:05 - 20:47

Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

Present: Joshua Hesketh, Peter Lieverdink, Lindsay Holmwood, Alice Boxhall, John Ferlito, Elspeth Thorne



    * Accept minutes of Last Meeting
      Proposed: John
      Seconded: Alice
      Passed unanimously

    * Report on LCA2011
      Starting zookeepr hackathon reimbursements
      ACTION: Peter to email Shaun and get access to budget

    * Report on PyCon AU
      Tracking OK
      The OSDC access points have been shipped

    * Status update on LCA2010
      Joshua is in touch with Andrew

    * Status update on LCA2012
      Yay, an expression of interest has been received!
      Michael will send the template documents to Josh.
      ACTION: John to open request for formal bids on June 15th.

    * Status update on Linux Australia Store.
      No progress to report.

    * Status update on insurance.
      Cancellation insurance details are in. John will disseminate details and discuss whether it's actually worth it re what is covered and when.

    * Status update on handover/banking/accounting
      John and Joshua had a chat on sunday, changes are in hand.

    * Status update on Education Expo.
      John will check if there is anything outstanding.

    * Status update on Survey
      528 responses. Release raw percentage results per question. Anonymise freeform responses and then release.
      ACTION: Peter to ask Terry Dawson (public officer) to draw the random winning email address for an LCA ticket.

    * Status update on LUG support (drupal instances + community wiki + announcement)
      ACTION: Peter to request higher access levels to web VM.

General Business

Discussion of any items that provide relevant information to the council and which might generate motions for next meeting or new action items.

    * We have received a grant request from WordCamp
    * ACTION: Michael to ping Brendan Scott
    * ACTION: John to ping people and inquire about Media Subctte membership

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