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Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
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On Fri, 2010-01-22 at 19:26 +1100, Leah wrote:

[Minutes of 2009 AGM]
> The bidding process for the next linux.conf.au was improved in 2008
> and while not perfect, has given the 2010 team more time to prepare.
> Some members expressed concern over the apparent amount of effort that
> went into the bid documents. Perhaps an earlier call for expressions
> of interest (not bids, just interest) and communication with teams
> prior to accepting bid documents could help in reducing “wasted”
> effort by non-winning teams. Speaking as somebody inloved in several
> (and a finally successful) Melbourne bid, the effort in years previous
> to successful bid was built upon. Putting together a linux.conf.au is
> now a greater than12 month project, and in reality probably 18.

I'd just like to say that the work we put into the bid document really
paid off for us.  It allowed for the LCA2010 team to be focussed on what
we wanted to do, and to have already started serious negotiations with
all the venues that we put forward, and then used.

We also managed to use most of the copy (a lot of the generic about
Wellington and NZ was supplied to us) for our website which allowed us
to have a huge amount of (mostly) useful content from day 1.

I too agree that there is a huge amount of work if you want to have a
lage successful LCA now.  We put a huge amount of effort into LCA2010
and feel that it really showed.


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