[Linux-aus] learnubuntu.com.au

Jack McCaw jmccaw2 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 21 14:16:13 EST 2010

Hi all,
nice idea, and something that I have been wondering about for some time.

I will be pointing as many people as I can in your direction. Get out into the forums, the educational areas (universities and so on) for the one on one personal tutoring. It is a service that has not been properly offered in Australia for the Linux community and it is going to be lucrative - especially for those 1st year compsci students who suddenly discover the requirement to learn unix-type OS, and are all at sea. (See it at UNE with the international students a lot).

Please; get stuck into this. I wish you well in selling your services. (Have you got CertIV in workplace Training and Assesment yet. If not GET IT!!!) 

I think dropping a line to all the Australian linux mags, user groups and so on may attract more work for you than you can handle!



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