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Wondering if some floss people are on the panel
or if it is possible to nominate someone.

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Feds to form education IT advice panel
Feb 18, 2010 12:40 PM

Find ways to spend over $2.2 billion.

The Federal Department of Education has announced it will form an expert
technical panel to provide advice on ways to better integrate IT and
communications technology into education.

The panel could be used by the Department of Education, Employment and
Workplace Relations (DEEWR) to support "the development, implementation
and evaluation of initiatives including the Digital Education Revolution
(DER) and the Vocational Education Broadband Network (VEN)."

The Government has committed $2.2 billion to the digital education
revolution and $80 million for the broadband network.

The revolution includes the computers for schools project. According to
the DEEWR web site, to date the Federal Government has dished out
funding for just under 300,000 computers in Australian schools.

"The Applied ICT in Education Panel will be required to provide expert
technical advice and analysis and contribute to the development and
implementation of initiatives," the department said.

"The panel may be required to assist in developing, reviewing and
providing quality assurance of technical documents and reports.

"Areas of expertise relevant to education include infrastructure,
networking, e-Learning, technical standards, copyright, security and

The department said there was no guarantee that panel members would be
awarded services contracts as a result of their sitting on the panel.

The panel was expected to start in April and run through until the end
of June 2011.



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