[Linux-aus] Call for papers - Linux Conference 2010 - Slovenia

Martin Linux Konferenca martin at linux-konferenca.org
Thu Feb 18 02:19:42 EST 2010

Dear Bret,

i have no idea what you are trying to ask/tell. I don't know that LCA 
means, but if you're talking about Linux Conference Australia 
(reasonable guess) i have to tell you, that this is a separate event. 
I'm guessing that both have existed at the same time before. I'm also 
guessing that both have different audience anyway, being on different 
parts of globe and all that. :-) I can't see these two competing with 
each other. We are just looking for interesting speakers, which can come 
from anywhere in the world. Yes, even Australia. :-) So if you have a 
good topic for our conference you might get a free vacation in Europe. :-)

Hopefully this clears situation a bit.


Bret Busby wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Feb 2010, Martin Linux Konferenca wrote:
>> On September 27th and 28th, 2010 "Linux Konferenca" an annual Linux and
>> OSS conference (http://linux-konferenca.org) will be held in the country
>> of Slovenia. It is an event organized yearly since 2002, for business
>> and technical people interested in Linux and OSS.
>> Once again we have the honor to select best of your submissions / 
>> topics in fields of Linux usage in business environment and open 
>> source applications. With your help, we will organize leading 
>> Slovenian IT Linux and open source event, so we invite you to contact 
>> us with your submissions.
>> Subjects for Linux conference 2010 are:
>> • Cloud computing from point of enterprise information systems or 
>> business services and costs reductions connected with them
>> • Open Source software for ERP, CRM, BPM (use cases or 
>> implementations preferred)
>> • Security – Data Leak Prevention (DLP) inside enterprise, identity 
>> steal, safe connections
>> • Open licensing of software and use cases of software with OS 
>> licenses usage in software development
>> • Outsourcing of services and software in connection with main 
>> thematics – cloud computing
>> • Integration of telephony and mobile telephony with help of OSS
>> • Development platforms Android, Maemo, Symbian
>> • Green IT, green data centers
>> Please download CFP from: http://www.linux-konferenca.org/?lang=eng .
>> Thank you for your time.
>> Regards,
>> Martin Gombač <martin at isg.si>
> So, with LCA having been transferred to NZ, has it now been 
> transferred to Europe?
> This is starting to sound like that yotting competition - the 
> Swiss/USA/NZ/Aus mugg.
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