[Linux-aus] LCA 2009 missing video's

Julien Goodwin linux-aus at studio442.com.au
Wed Dec 29 16:46:21 EST 2010

This e-mail is a *very* long time coming.So the (physical) media for the
remainder of the LCA2009 video's has been floating around since LCA2009
finished. Earlier this year as part of moving to Canberra, Steve Walsh
passed them on to me (this, of course, was six months ago).

Now that I'm finally taking a break from work I've had a chance to
inventory them. *Most* of the media is HDV tapes, and I lack a HDV deck
to rip them, if anyone has a HDV deck (preferred) or Camera and is
willing to loan it to me (I'm in Melbourne) please get in touch either
directly to myself, or the LA council. I hope to have most of the talks
I have on disk uploaded at, or before LCA.

I have not audited the miniconfs, although if there's anything specific
people would like from the miniconfs there's a good chance I have it on

Presentations I have media for, and hasn't been uploaded [1]:

Wednesday: 21/1
* Keynote - Tom Limoncelli
* Implementing an OptIPortal; a massively scalable clustered display
environment. - Chris Willing
* Let's mingle - Sjoerd Simons
* One of the 4pm sessions, unknown which
* Your input is important to us! - Peter Hutterer
* Introduction to Django - Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Probably only the first half)
* Crikey! Open sourcing the future of news - Sarah Stokely and Jeff Waugh
* Evolution of Multicast Engine on Linux - Hideaki Yoshifuji

Thursday: 22/1
* Designing for usability, usefulness, and unit-testing ... the
linux.conf.au GTK & GNOME tutorial, part 2 - Andrew Cowie
* User love and how to get it through good documentation - Paul Wayper
* Marketing for Developers: Ten Steps to Promoting Your Project
Painlessly - Joe Brockmeier
* What happens when kernel and userland don't talk? - Michael Kerrisk

Friday: 23/1
* Keynote - Simon Phipps
* autocluster - a system for automated testing of clustered systems -
Andrew Tridgell and Martin Schwenke
* From booting without memory to particle beam irradiation: Adventures
of Bare Metal Linux at Big Blue - Sonny Rao
* Why Open Media Matters - Rob Savoye
* Clutter: Open source bling! - Rob Bradford
* Fun with LD_PRELOAD - Kevin Pulo
* Building a Medical Endo-Microscope using open source software - Janaka
* HyKim: The cuddly rescue bear - Kymberly Cox
* Champagne usability on a beer budget - Raena Jackson Armitage
* Open Source for Model Rocket Design - Bdale Garbee
* System Administration in a Large-Scale Linux Web-Hosting Environment -
Terri Haber

What I have no (apparent) media for, and hasn't been uploaded. Unless
someone finds a secret stash of DVD's / DV tapes they never will be.

Wednesday: 21/1
* Continuous Integration for PHP Projects - Ben Cornwell
* The SPU Filesystem - An Interface to the Cell Broadband Engine -
Jeremy Kerr
* Subversion Scaling at Google - Marc MERLIN
* PHP Architecture, Scalability, and Security - Rasmus Lerdorf
* What Makes the Lizard Roar? A Tour through Mozilla Architecture -
Akkana Peck (Have media but NO SOUND)
* lguest: hacking the little Linux hypervisor - Part I (Preparation) -
Rusty Russell
* Practical, efficient, fast, portable and safe File IO - Stewart Smith
* The Genderchangers Academy - Nancy Mauro-Flude

Thursday: 22/1
* The Joy of Inkscape - Donna Benjamin
* lguest: hacking the little Linux hypervisor - Part II Rusty Russell
* the Inkscape LPE revolution! - Andy Fitzsimon
* Integrating videoconferencing into everyday applications - Olivier Crete

1: Note this is media as labelled, it may be bad, or otherwise unusable
(most commonly sound).

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