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Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Thu Sep 10 08:49:42 EST 2009

Yeee hah!

Bring it on.  :)

If you're planning on going to LCA this is a great way to take your
participation to a higher level.  Speaking at a miniconf is also a good
way to prove you've got what it takes to speak at the main conf in

- Donna

On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 19:54 +1000, Chris Neugebauer wrote:
> I'm somewhat surprised that this announcement hasn't made it here yet...
> All of the LCA2010 Miniconfs have now opened their calls for papers,
> you can find links to each of the CFPs at
> http://www.lca2010.org.nz/programme/miniconfs
> I've included the announcement made on the LCA2010 website at the end
> of this message.
> --Christopher Neugebauer
> Co-organiser, Open Programming Languages Miniconf 2010
> ***
> WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Monday 7 September 2009 – The linux.conf.au
> 2010 Miniconfs have put out their Call for Miniconf Papers!
> Miniconfs are an important part of linux.conf.au, allowing 1-day long
> dedicated streams for specific communities of interest over the course
> of two days. The Call for Miniconf Papers marks another opportunity
> for delegates to submit session proposals to a Miniconf of their
> choosing for selection. Among the Miniconfs being held in Wellington
> next year are - "The Business of Open Source", "Education", "Free the
> Cloud", and "Open and the Public Sector".
> "We are thrilled with the line up of Miniconfs, and expect to see many
> papers being submitted" says Francois Marier, LCA2010 Miniconf
> Coordinator. "We would also like to encourage the many people who
> submitted papers to the main conference to also participate in the two
> days of Miniconfs."
> == linux.conf.au Miniconfs ==
> Here are the details for each of the fourteen Miniconfs. This list is
> also available from the LCA2010 Miniconfs webpage.
> === Arduino Miniconf ===
> The concept of Free / Open Source Software, already well understood by
> LCA attendees, is complemented by a rapidly growing community focused
> around Open Hardware and "maker culture". One of the drivers of the
> popularity of the Open Hardware community is easy access to cheap
> devices such as Arduino, which is a micro-controller development board
> originally intended for classroom use but now a popular building block
> in all sorts of weird and wonderful hobbyist and professional
> projects.
> The Arduino Miniconf is looking for presentations that cover topics
> such as specific techniques ("Compiling Arduino apps from the command
> line") and projects ("How I built an Arduino-controlled autonomous
> submarine"). Topics can cover either hardware, software, or both.
> To submit a proposal: http://www.lca2010.org.nz/wiki/Miniconfs/Arduino
> === The Business of Open Source Miniconf ===
> The "Business of Open Source" Miniconf is for people interested in
> business aspects of open source. Topics include licensing your work,
> building a market, building a community, gathering market data,
> distribution, communications, working with Open Source developers,
> working with governments and countries, working with procurement
> departments, corporate governance, funding, pricing, lessons from your
> experience, and whatever related topics people would like to bring up.
> Whether you are a student working on a one-person Open Source project,
> own your own Open Source consulting company, or create Open Source
> strategy for a multi-billion dollar company, this Miniconf hopes to
> bring different people together to exchange thoughts and facilitate
> discussion about these topics.
> To submit a proposal: https://fossbazaar.org/content/lca-devbiz-january-2010
> === Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf ===
> All Linux users and developers need to store data and retrieve it in a
> timely and reliable fashion. All levels of the operating system are
> used to make this happen, from the storage devices and their drivers,
> to the file system, all the way to the database.
> If you have something to say about storage hardware, file systems,
> RAID, LVM, databases or anything else Linux and storage related,
> please submit early and submit often!
> To submit a proposal: http://miniconf.osda.asn.au/node/add/proposal
> === Distro Summit ===
> The Distro Summit will have a strong focus on collaboration between
> Free Software distributions. We are looking for proposals from any
> Free Software distribution, from the typical full distributions (both
> Linux and non-Linux) to the niche market derivatives.
> In spite of the strong focus on collaboration between Free Software
> distributions, topics may include packaging, maintenance, relationship
> with upstream developers, release management and QA.
> To submit a proposal: http://distrosummit.org/cfp.html
> ===Education Miniconf ===
> The Education Miniconf will focus on educational uses of Free and Open
> Source initiatives used around the world, including tools for teaching
> and school management.
> It will provide talks and workshops directly useful to educators,
> administrators and those interested in supporting education
> initiatives and/or influencing their direction and uptake.
> To submit a proposal: http://laptop.org.nz/node/add/miniconfsubmission
> === Free the Cloud! ===
> Personal computers are giving way to netbooks and mobile devices. The
> browser has become the main UI for end-user applications. Enterprises
> are moving from data centres to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and
> hosted solutions. As computing ascends into the cloud, what will be
> the role of Free and Open Source software? And how will we preserve
> the hard-won advantages FLOSS provides?
> In this Miniconf, we will discuss the theoretical and practical
> frameworks for freedom in the cloud; review the use of FLOSS and Open
> Content for consumer protection and to avoid business lock-in; and
> survey the Free Software that is providing an alternative to
> proprietary Web sites and cloud services.
> To submit a proposal: http://www.lca2010.org.nz/wiki/Miniconfs/Free_The_Cloud%21
> === Haecksen and Linuxchix Miniconf ===
> This Miniconf is primarily organised by members of linuxchix.org.nz -
> people who play and work with Linux. However, this does not reflect
> the true range of women who are working and playing with all sorts of
> technology in Australasia and the Pacific: smart crafters, OLPC
> volunteers and, of course, many FLOSS contributors. We chose haecksen
> - the German feminine for "hacker" as a way to reflect this diversity
> and engagement with technology.
> We would like to ensure a mix of listening and participating. As such,
> if anyone is interested in running a panel or discussion we would like
> to encourage them to submit. Suggested topics include: systems
> administration, networking, smart crafting, usability, cloud
> computing, professional development, the loyalty tax, community
> involvement, imposter syndrome, virtual servers, security, social
> engineering, hardware hacking, submitting your first patch.
> To submit a proposal: http://haecksen.org.nz/node/add/miniconfsubmission
> === Libre Graphics Day ===
> Do you develop, use, document, or train with Free Software Graphix
> tools? Tools such as GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender, Krita, Sk1,
> Fontforge and Fontmatrix. Are you involved in the testing and
> development of the sub-systems and libraries on which these apps
> depend? Perhaps you can share expertise in the 'How' of Libre
> Graphics? Could you talk about Design techniques and workflow? Pre-
> press, or Themes and Skins for open source web frameworks. What about
> Digital asset management? What about the Why? Communication strategy
> and effective marketing using graphic design. Open Source publishing?
> What about Digital Art just for Art's sake? Perhaps you have other
> ideas that relate to Libre Graphics?
> We're calling for presentations related to Free Software in the
> Graphics domain, and aim to provide an environment for cross-project
> collaboration to build understanding of shared problems, and work
> towards shared solutions. Most of all, we just wanna have fun, and
> bring some of the Libre Graphics Love to the southern hemisphere.
> To submit a proposal: http://libregraphicsday.org/cfp
> === Multicore and Parallel Programming Miniconf ===
> The Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconf offers a space to learn
> about Open Source contributions (existent or in progess) to the
> problem of developing parallel software. It aims to launch a
> conversation on how the Open Source Community, the Education sector,
> Scientists and Researchers, Developers and the Industry are looking at
> this new scenario. We invite presentations with a broad scope from
> specific code and technical developments, direct applications (i.e.
> games industry, HPC, etc) and scientific research to training on
> parallel programming and how the Open Source model will be central to
> developing a sustainable platform for multicore and parallel
> computing.
> To submit a proposal: http://multicorenz.wordpress.com/lca2010-miniconf/
> === Multimedia Miniconf ===
> The aim of this Miniconf is to allow Linux audio and video developers
> and users to meet and share ideas, and also to discuss
> multimedia-related issues with the developers of the kernel,
> networking and desktop systems. For all users, it will be a great way
> to see and hear the variety of tools available and to contribute.
> The Multimedia Miniconf is an event for technical people, ordinary
> users, and artists that share an interest in Open Source media
> software. The event will offer talks with the latest updates on open
> source media software and standards around them, such as the recent
> HTML5 video element.
> To submit a proposal: http://www.lca2010.org.nz/wiki/Miniconfs/Multimedia
> === Open and the Public Sector ===
> Free Software, Open Data, and Open APIs are already changing
> government: lowering costs, exposing waste, increasing transparency,
> and permitting citizens to use and extend government information and
> services. Though already making a difference, adoption is by no means
> as widespread as would make sense. While the benefits seem obvious to
> proponents, public sector IT managers often see considerable obstacles
> to adoption of free software,open data and practices.
> This Miniconf will provide a forum to discuss the issues around Free
> Software use and Open Government practices as well as showcase some
> success stories and initiatives.
> To submit a proposal: http://open.org.nz/lca2010-open-government-miniconf/
> === Open Programming Languages Miniconf ===
> The Open Programming Languages Miniconf invites presentations about
> all programming languages with an Open Source implementation, such as
> Perl, Python, C, PHP and Ruby. Topics may include recent developments
> in open programming languages, interface design, portability and
> packaging, coding applications with cool new libraries and frameworks,
> and showing off the use of novel programming techniques.
> Whilst most talks will be specific to a single language, the focus of
> this Miniconf will be on sharing techniques, best practices and values
> amongst programmers of all open programming languages.
> To submit a proposal: http://blogs.tucs.org.au/oplm/cfp
> === System Administration Miniconf ===
> The Systems Administration Miniconf will focus on tips, tricks, tools,
> and best practices used to manage real-world Linux environments both
> large and small. Attendees of this Miniconf will improve their ability
> to manage their Linux systems environment both now and in the future.
> An important goal will be to provide talks directly useful to
> professional Linux administrators. Topics can include: Systems
> Administration, Backups, Security, Troubleshooting, Buying Decisions,
> Virtualisation, Enterprise Monitoring and Management, Identity
> Management, Web and Email management, Wiki, Clustering and High
> Availability, Log Management, Spam and Virus Filtering, VOIP,
> Ticketing systems, Bootstrapping and automated installation,
> Configuration Management and packaging.
> We strongly welcome topics on best practice, new developments in
> systems administration and cutting edge techniques to better manage
> Linux hosts and environments.
> To submit a proposal: http://sysadmin.miniconf.org/cfp10.html
> === Wave Developers ===
> The Google Wave team is organising a Miniconf to provide the Wave
> community with a forum in which to share ideas, techniques and code.
> We are interested in talks covering any aspect of Google Wave, from
> APIs to federation to independent implementations to research - the
> only requirement is that any code must be Open Source.
> To submit a proposal: http://sites.google.com/site/waveminiconfatlca/
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