[Linux-aus] comment for an article on Government website accessibility

Dave Davey daved at windclimber.id.au
Thu May 28 13:03:36 EST 2009

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 08:55:36AM +1000, Donna Benjamin wrote:
> Hi Dahna,
> I agree with all Mike Carden's responses.  The biggest problem with
> non-compliant websites is the lack of multi-browser support and the use
> of web technologies that are only supported by one OS or one browser.
> His point about RTF and PDF is very important.  RTF is not a standard.

While RTF is not an ISO standard, the format is "open" with the
specifications publicly available and stable.  As a consequence many
open source applications can read/write RTF or translate to/from it
and other formats.  Its use does indicate a degree of interest in
interoperability.  It can certainly be read by anyone without need for
proprietary or expensive software.  Not as desireable as ODF, but a great
deal better than MSword or Publisher files.


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