[Linux-aus] Sad news: Anthony Rumble

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at dhanapalan.com
Thu May 14 22:18:12 EST 2009

Details on the funeral.

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From: Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net>
Date: 2009/5/12

Thanks for all the supportive messages we've received from SLUG members.
Your kindness is much appreciated in these difficult days.

The funeral for Anthony Rumble will be held 11:30 next Monday, 18th May
2009 at the Macquarie Park Crematorium.

No flowers please.  There will be envelopes for donations to the
Epilepsy Association of Australia at the funeral.

2009/5/11 Mary Gardiner <mary at puzzling.org>:
> Hi all,
> This news was forward to the SLUG lists by Sridhar Dhanapalan today.
> I did not know Anthony very well at all, but I imagine people outside
> Sydney knew of Anthony and Everything Linux and would want to know.
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> From: Grant Parnell <gripz at arcadia.au.com>
> Date: 2009/5/10
> Subject: Anthony Rumble
> Many of you have known Anthony Rumble from EverythingLinux over the
> years. Anthony has in the past made a huge contribution to the Sydney
> Linux Community and Linux in general in terms of promoting it to
> businesses and hobbyists through both the store, the website and for
> many years before, through SLUG, indeed he was involved with SLUG from
> it's humble beginning. Many of the older members of SLUG and AUUG know
> Anthony as a friend too.
> To all his friends out there it is with deep regret that I must announce
> that on the evening of Friday the 8th of May my best, closest friend has
> died as a result of an accident at home. Myself and Sarah (my flatmate
> and good friend to us) and Anthony had just had a fantastic dinner at a
> Lebanese restaurant in Lakemba and finished off with some tea at his
> home and we left about 9:30pm and everyone was in good spirits and well
> satisfied. We believe he took a shower and slipped and hit his head
> resulting in a quick death but we're still waiting on the word from the
> coroner.
> Anthony is survived by his lovely daughter Abigail who's only 8 years
> old (who was at her mother's place), brother Simon (also on SLUG),
> parents Chris and Ray and a whole bunch of friends who will sorely miss
> him. His girlfriend of the past few years, Rosetta, who found him
> Saturday morning, Sarah and Myself were particularly close to him. I'm
> sure he has many, many more friends from the past and other circles who
> may receive this email.
> We are unsure at this stage when a memorial service will be held but all
> will be welcome and we guess it'll be some time maybe after the 18th of
> May. I will unfortunately be recovering from surgery to remove my
> oesophagus tumour on the 15th of May until about the first week of June
> at the very least. You might therefore be updated with the where and
> when bits from Simon Rumble instead.
> Oh gawd this is hard but here goes with the send button.
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