[Linux-aus] Meetings and Minutes

James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Tue May 12 08:15:06 EST 2009

Hi all

Just wondering what's happening with the minutes of LA Council meetings?

The last LA Council minutes posted to the list were dated 5/3/2009 and
the most recent on the wiki is 2/4/2009 (not posted to the list nor were
the previous minutes of the 12/3/2009).

There have been four/five potential meetings since these that either did
not take place or were not minuted.  Are there minutes available for any
of these meetings?  If the meetings did not take place can I suggest
that perhaps a brief note be sent to the list to indicate that a meeting
didn't happen or quorum wasn't achieved, etc.


James Turnbull

Author of:
* Pro Linux Systems Administration
* Pulling Strings with Puppet
* Pro Nagios 2.0
* Hardening Linux

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