[Linux-aus] Sad news: Anthony Rumble

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Mon May 11 20:09:03 EST 2009

Hi all,

This news was forward to the SLUG lists by Sridhar Dhanapalan today.

I did not know Anthony very well at all, but I imagine people outside
Sydney knew of Anthony and Everything Linux and would want to know.

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From: Grant Parnell <gripz at arcadia.au.com>
Date: 2009/5/10
Subject: Anthony Rumble

Many of you have known Anthony Rumble from EverythingLinux over the
years. Anthony has in the past made a huge contribution to the Sydney
Linux Community and Linux in general in terms of promoting it to
businesses and hobbyists through both the store, the website and for
many years before, through SLUG, indeed he was involved with SLUG from
it's humble beginning. Many of the older members of SLUG and AUUG know
Anthony as a friend too.

To all his friends out there it is with deep regret that I must announce
that on the evening of Friday the 8th of May my best, closest friend has
died as a result of an accident at home. Myself and Sarah (my flatmate
and good friend to us) and Anthony had just had a fantastic dinner at a
Lebanese restaurant in Lakemba and finished off with some tea at his
home and we left about 9:30pm and everyone was in good spirits and well
satisfied. We believe he took a shower and slipped and hit his head
resulting in a quick death but we're still waiting on the word from the

Anthony is survived by his lovely daughter Abigail who's only 8 years
old (who was at her mother's place), brother Simon (also on SLUG),
parents Chris and Ray and a whole bunch of friends who will sorely miss
him. His girlfriend of the past few years, Rosetta, who found him
Saturday morning, Sarah and Myself were particularly close to him. I'm
sure he has many, many more friends from the past and other circles who
may receive this email.

We are unsure at this stage when a memorial service will be held but all
will be welcome and we guess it'll be some time maybe after the 18th of
May. I will unfortunately be recovering from surgery to remove my
oesophagus tumour on the 15th of May until about the first week of June
at the very least. You might therefore be updated with the where and
when bits from Simon Rumble instead.

Oh gawd this is hard but here goes with the send button.

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