[Linux-aus] Things not to post to planet linux australia

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Thu Mar 26 21:02:47 EST 2009

> Crime or not, links to child pornography have *NO* place on Planet LA.

Posting the blacklist is not the same as posting child pornography
links, even though the blacklist *might* contain such links.  Having
seen the it, clearly much of it falls outside of those categories
described in the official rationale and so it deserves public
discussion, but it's impractical (possibly deceitful) to elide the child
pornography links from it.  (The only way to tell which is which is to
follow the links, and there are so many of them.)

But rather than gripe about the blacklist, we could promote widespread
use of https, which bypasses the blacklist.

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