[Linux-aus] Things not to post to planet linux australia

Russell Stuart russell-linuxaus at stuart.id.au
Thu Mar 26 17:37:09 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 16:18 +1030, Michael Davies wrote:
> There's a mile of difference between posting stuff you know the
> government has asked you not to, and accidentally infringing.

You might like to point out the practical difference to me, because I
can't see it.  The act doesn't distinguish.

> The issue at hand is whether Linux Australia wants to aggregate content
> that may or may not be legal.  It's not even important for me to enter
> the debate on whether it's appropriate to have black lists or not
> (although those who know me will know my opinions on such things :) or
> whether such things are legal or not.

Point of order: it is a bit difficult to have a debate about whether
illegal things have be posted if you don't know what is and is not
legal.  That said, I fully agree that LA must bounce someone from planet
if they deliberately post illegal material.

> All I'm saying is that if you want to make a stand, then _you_ make a
> stand.  You _should_not_attempt_ to make a stand on Linux Australia's
> behalf unless Linux Australia authorises you to speak on their behalf.
>  And if you use your blog to make _your_ stand, don't be surprised if
> you are removed from planet.linux.org.au so there is no confusion on
> who you are representing.

Your kidding, right?  Firstly, the idea that people on planet are saying
something on behalf of Linux Australia displays a serious
misunderstanding of what planet does.  At best planet is a group of
people who broadly support LA's views.  Secondly, every contributor has
a life outside of LA and almost certainly talks about it in his blog.
Given that, have I got this right: you are saying before he talks about
something that has nothing to do with LA's charter, he has to think
about whether LA might agree with it or not, and censor himself

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