[Linux-aus] EngageMedia is Hiring (TECHNICAL COORDINATOR)

Andy Nicholson andy at engagemedia.org
Sat Jun 20 03:40:20 EST 2009

The Technical Projects Coordinator is responsible for coordinating  
EngageMedia's technical initiatives and ensuring they are delivered to  
a high standard. The position's primary responsibility is to build the  
strength of EngageMedia's technical infrastructure and networks, and  
to ensure our projects are dynamic and well run operations that work  
towards the long-term social change strategy of the organisation. --  
Applications due July 14.

The development and implementation of free and open source video  
technologies is one of the core parts of EngageMedia's work. Currently  
we are undertaking a number of technical and social projects aimed at  
evolving these technologies as well as implementing them strategically  
with a range of organisations and communities.

Those projects centre around the development of Plumi, our FOSS video  
distribution platform and manifest in several different ways; such as  
the development of open source subtitling and translation tools, the  
coordination of training, networking and development events (such as a  
Plone/video sprint in Budapest and a small scale training camp in  
Indonesia), commercial consulting work (eg.http://criticalcommons.org)  
and the creation of technical documentation and user guides.

more info :: http://www.engagemedia.org/jobs/technical-projects-coordinator


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