[Linux-aus] Microsoft ad campaign

Paul Coldrey paul at ensigma.com.au
Fri Jun 19 11:19:34 EST 2009

Dylan Lacey wrote:
> What's anti-competitive about offering a prize to use a product and 
> enter a contest?  They're not forcing anyone to participate, not 
> slandering anyone.  If you don't want to win, don't play, just like 
> any other contest.
The fact that they have created web pages that are only viewed in IE 8 
is very dubious seeming as the web is meant to be browser agnostic. It 
is along the same lines as making the M$ website IE only (which, to some 
extent, they have done in the past) or making ASP generated websites not 
work in Firefox. It is not so much the prize for using IE8 it is the way 
in which it is done using non-complaint pages that makes it worrying to me.

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