[Linux-aus] LA Council minutes for 16/07/2009

Leah Duncan leah at geonetrix.com.au
Fri Jul 17 23:05:19 EST 2009

Hi all,

Please find attached the minutes for the meeting of Thursday 16th July 2009.

These can also be accessed online on the wiki at

A complete list of minutes are available at


Leah Duncan
Secretary, Linux Australia


== Council meeting ==
  * Time 8:11pm AEST Thursday, 2009/07/16
  * Where: Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel
  * Attendees: Steve Walsh, Leah Duncan, Melissa Draper, Sridhar 
Dhanapalan, Ben Powell
  * Apologies: Stewart Smith
== Notes ==
Starred ( {*} ) items are expected to require discussion at the meeting. 
Un-starred items will be taken as noted or carried without further 
discussion, unless starred at the beginning of the meeting.

  0. {*} Are there any items to star?
  0. Accept minutes of 
[http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/MeetingNotes20090702 2009/07/02]
  0. {*} Recent actvity on list - Amount of off-topic discussion was 
raised following community requests to call the thread to a close. 
Council discussed solutions if the situation arises in the future, 
including the introduction of an off-topic mailing list to move such 
discussion to a less disruptive forum.
  0. {*} LCA09 Devil Foundation payment - this has now been made, 
further details to follow.
  0. {*} Philip Island Penguin Foundation - isssue of sponsorship of 
Philip Island penguins was raised by Donna Benjamin as an outstanding 
item from LCA08.  This requires full committee input to make a decision 
on how best to handle a final payment and will be tabled at the next 
  0. {*} Outstanding payments - these are to be processed by Steve and 
Stewart over the weekend.
  0. {*} LCA09 video content - Discussed in response to email from Josh 
Hesketh regarding resourcing. A community member with access to 
professional equipment is currently handling the keynote videos.  Other 
video content is to be delivered to Melbourne for processing pending 
release approval by LCA09 speakers.  Additional equipment hire costs to 
be sourced by Steve, and remaining content to be processed by community 
  0. {*} Transport of LCA equipment to Wellington LCA10 - Currently the 
decision is to return equipment to Melbourne for palleting and shipping 
by trailer hire, pending approval by a trailer hire company.  Steve to 
follow this up this week.
  0. {*} Open Edge funding - relevance, target audience, outputs and 
sponsorship priorities discussed in regards to OpenEdge conference 
sponsorship.  Council agrees that sponsorship is the most appropriate 
manner to provide support.
MOTION: "That Linux Australia agrees to;

*) provide sponsorship to Open Edge with an agreed monetary payment of 


*) Linux Australia agrees to provide additional sponsorship in the form 
of payment of reasonable costs
associated with travel for one key international speaker ( with suitable 
acknowledgement of said support during the introduction of the given 


*) the offer of hosting for any video content on the Linux Australia 
Mirror that may arise from the conference."

Motion: Steve Walsh; Seconded: Sridhar Dhanapalan; all in favour. MOTION 

== Finish 9:26 pm AEST ==

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