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>>> That's not technically accurate.  Google don't have the facility to
>>> block access to your website.  They can list is on their website as
>>> harmful, but that isn't the same as blocking access, is it?
>> Yes it is.
>> It is a Denial Of Service attack, by blocking access to the site.
>> As mentioned previously, it takes two forms.
>> The first, is that, for people who are not sure of the exact domain
>> name, do not know the domain name at all, or, are not sure whether the
>> association has a web site, and search for the web site, when they
>> search for the web site, the results returned, (1) advise that the web
>> site is malicious and should be avoided, to protect their computers
>> (which in this case, is a spurious allegation, purley for the sake of
>> maliciously harming the association and its reputration), and, (2),
>> prevent people from accessing the web site via the search results.
> Slow down there comma farmer...
> What this is saying is that (for whatever reason) Google impedes (not block,
> because you can still "Add an Exception" from the warning page to bypass
> googles advice and get to your site) access to your site _IF_ someone tries
> to access it via their services.
> This is important because if you opened up a web browser and directly
> accessed your site without going via the google search engine OR having the
> google tool bar installed, then you will get there.
> This is not a denial of service but instead a different understanding of
> acceptable service values.
> If you don't like them then don't use them, including blocking the google
> crawler.

No, actually, the blocking was not able to be bypassed like that.

>> The second, as previously mentioned, is that, with google's malicious
>> actions, including having spuriously reported the web site as an attack
>> site, in order to maliciously harm the association, that raises a flag
>> within the web browsers, so that, if a person who does not know better,
>> has the person's web browser configured to block reported attack sites,
>> even when the person enters the web site URL into the web browser, the
>> web browser blocks access to the web site.
> Googles actions are based upon the communities/industries collective view of
> what is acceptable.
> Kind of like the rule of Law, certainly no different to similar services
> such as ORBS.


The "rule of law", would have involved due process, which would have 
conformed to the principles of natural justice, as I previously 

And, centuries of legal precedent exist, with judges in very high 
courts, stating that it is those principle of natural justice "ipon 
which our law is founded".

>> As peviously said, it is a clear case of a malicious Denial Of Service
>> attack, by google, with the clear intent of causing harm to the
>> association and the association's reputation, for the self interest and
>> self gain of google.
> I'm not sure what threat your web site poses to google, but your example is
> a long way from being an attack or overtly malicious in my opinion.
> I see no motive or directed intent and the fix is benign, simple and
> socially quite acceptable.
> Plus only applies to Google service users.

As previously explained, it does NOT apply only to google users. That 
has been made clear.

But then, for a person who is not willing to use their real name; who 
hides behind a pseudonym, and, who is clearly signed up with google, I 
would not expect for you to have read, and fairly considered, all of the 
relevant information that has so far been put, regarding this issue.

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
  you'll know what the answer means."
- Deep Thought,
   Chapter 28 of Book 1 of
   "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
   A Trilogy In Four Parts",
   written by Douglas Adams,
   published by Pan Books, 1992

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