[Linux-aus] Synopsis of LUG IRC meeting 30 June

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 01:07:22 EST 2009

Herewith, edited log of the IRC meeting last night. Enjoy!
If you're not already signed up for the LUG Mailing list, get to it:

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15:33:40 2009
19:58:51 <donak>    boo!
20:00:03 <PaulWay>    yay!
20:01:44 <yama>    first meeting I've made in ages
20:01:59 <donak>    hi Sridhar, how's the sunny climes of Sydney?
20:02:10 <PaulWay>    My pounce-meeting techniques are improving.
20:02:30 <yama>    donak: not spectacularly sunny
20:02:37 <yama>    but not bad really
20:03:18 <donak>    at least you're not in Melbourne :-) ... they had wind
gusts up to 110km/hour today
20:04:06 <PaulWay>    Mmmm - heading our way too...
20:04:37 <donak>    Don Knowles, Rockhampton, Queensland ... Central
Queensland LUG ... just by the way of intros
20:05:32 <PaulWay>    Paul Wayper, Canberra - CLUG.
20:06:22 <PaulWay>    The password for the gobby session is this channel
name without the hash
20:06:31 *    elky is here, but is hunting dinner
20:07:16 <donak>    umm, "host not found"
20:07:34 <donak>    hi elky
20:13:47 <elky>    how about we go through the meeting motions regardless of
20:13:54 <PaulWay>    Sure.
20:13:55 *    jhesketh_ <snip> has joined #linux-aus-lugs
20:13:56 <PaulWay>    So what's everyone been up to?
20:14:01 <PaulWay>    Yay - jhesketh_ !
20:14:23 <PaulWay>    There is a Tridgell!
20:14:30 <donak>    hi jhesketh_
20:19:44 <jhesketh_>    hey guys
20:19:54 <jhesketh_>    is it meeting night?
20:20:17 <donak>    it is
20:20:29 <elky>    it is supposed to be, but it's currently 'mourning over
paul's obby server' hour ;)
20:20:34 <donak>    we're trying to get Gobby going, but it's being
20:20:45 <jhesketh_>    ah ok
20:20:56 <jhesketh_>    well.. cool!... good thing I knew and came :P
20:21:24 *    jhesketh_ is now known as jhesketh
20:21:32 <donak>    PaulWay, how about we take the easy way out, i'll edit
and send IRC log?
20:21:41 <PaulWay>    Sounds fine to me...! {Editors note: this way I get to
blame him!}
20:23:51 <PaulWay>    We had the talk I would have loved to go to while I
was up in Sydney - a guy who bought a cheap laser engraver and made an
arduino board to control it.
20:24:11 <donak>    so, anyone got any topics they want to bring up?
20:24:51 <jhesketh>    Perhaps promotion of the LCA2010 CFP's within LUGs,
FSD + Other?
20:25:33 <elky>    osdc paper submissions close tonight. if you want in, you
should probably panic now
20:25:40 <PaulWay>    Yeah, we're doing that.
20:25:45 <PaulWay>    *sigh* osdc...
20:25:50 *    dns53 <snip> has joined #linux-aus-lugs
20:26:06 <elky>    why sigh?
20:26:16 <donak>    how many other organisations does it get circulated in?
sys admins, unix groups?
20:26:21 <PaulWay>    I can't think of anything good to talk about for OSDC
and I don't want to regurgitate the same talk I did last year.
20:28:32 <elky>    well, it's easy to forget since the LCA one lacks the
paper side of things
20:28:32 <PaulWay>    Sadly (in my opinion) there are a few people who go to
various conferences each year (including LCA) and just do the "here's where
I am with the project that I've been doing for the last five years" talk...
20:29:22 <elky>    what's sadder is that those talks are sometimes full of
eager listeners
20:30:03 <donak>    I guess it depends on who wants the outcome of that
20:30:44 <PaulWay>    aaahghghghghghgh - stupid NFS!
20:30:51 <donak>    I"m in!
20:31:32 <yama>    password?
20:31:42 <PaulWay>    same as the channel name but without the hash
20:31:51 <PaulWay>    Sorry, server died on it.
20:33:14 <elky>    i wondered, but didn't want to patronise with such a
suggestion :-/
20:33:23 <PaulWay>    elky: the problem is that I love Jon Corbet's updates
on where the kernel's up to, and Tridge's updates on SaMBa.
20:33:42 <PaulWay>    elky: that's kind of you - it's been a rather hectic
20:34:10 <PaulWay>    I've just got the accursed NFS working on my mythtv
server so Kate can watch TV - yay ssh.
20:34:29 <PaulWay>    If anyone knows how to turn off the NFS-randomly-lose
option, I'd love to hear it.
20:34:31 <donak>    do you want to go back to my original suggestion ...
I'll dig the "kernel" out of the logs and circulate via the mailing lists?
20:34:39 <PaulWay>    Anyway.  OSDC talks.
20:34:45 <PaulWay>    donak: do that - that's for the list.
20:34:51 <donak>    OK
20:34:53 <PaulWay>    LCA talks - I have one lined up.
20:35:08 <PaulWay>    Putting puppet and nagios together for great justice.
20:36:22 <elky>    my osdc submission is titled 'cultivating codeless
contributors'. not sure what to suggest for LCA yet
20:37:20 <PaulWay>    Nice alliteration.
20:37:43 *    caprajax_ <snip> has joined #linux-aus-lugs
20:37:50 <donak>    hi caprajax_
20:37:55 <elky>    i thought so too. i wanted to go with 'getting groupies'
but it lacked the jazz
20:38:00 <caprajax_>    hi donak
20:38:25 <donak>    we've just about got 'em outnumbered Jack :-0
20:38:55 <donak>    caprajax_, talonz and I are all from Central Qld
20:39:00 <caprajax_>    we may be small but we're good!!
20:39:07 <elky>    it also gives a nice 'theme' to tie the talk together
20:40:24 <PaulWay>    donak: awesome!
20:40:25 <donak>    elky, don't know if I'm being rude, but my imagination
dropped the word "clueless" in the mix ... would other professional coders
tend in that direction?
20:40:31 <PaulWay>    caprajax_: good team.
20:40:36 <elky>    donak, 'codeless'
20:40:50 <elky>    oh, i read you right now
20:41:01 <elky>    i dunno if they would. that's their fault if they do :P
20:41:09 <donak>    I guess I'm asking for the "short version" of the talk
20:41:28 <elky>    you want to see the abstract?
20:41:58 <donak>    probably be meaningless to me, just a few words of
explanation would be a hint as to the meaning
20:42:29 <PaulWay>    donak: read it - you might be surprised :-)
20:42:58 <donak>    I got into desktop Linux all on my own, then got tired
of having nobody to talk to about Linux ... and found a handful to from
20:43:19 <donak>    I'm not a coder, and probably will never be
20:43:25 <elky>    donak, basically getting the non-coding type of
contributions. documentation, artwork, infrastructure, support, etc
20:43:35 <donak>    OK, gotcha
20:44:18 <donak>    that should have been "to form CQLUG"
20:44:45 <donak>    PaulWay, you want to give us a 1 or 2 sentence rundown
on yours?
20:44:51 <PaulWay>    Best way to start a group.,
20:45:52 <donak>    DIY?
20:46:04 <PaulWay>    Puppet is a system for sending out configuration to
servers; Nagios is a monitoring system.
20:46:43 <donak>    so : send out the settings, then check it worked?
20:47:23 <PaulWay>    Making Puppet set up the Nagios configuration for a
bunch of servers is a good combination.
20:47:36 <PaulWay>    Send out the configuration so we can monitor them
20:54:11 <PaulWay>    Anyone else planning on talks for LCA or OSDC?
20:54:30 <PaulWay>    Or the kernel conference in Brisbane - what was that
20:55:16 <elky>    plumbers?
20:55:36 <PaulWay>    Yeah, that's the one.
20:55:40 <PaulWay>    No.
20:55:51 <PaulWay>    Sorry, LPC is in Portland, isn't it?
20:55:59 <elky>    dunno
20:56:26 <jhesketh>    I think it's Kernel Conference Australia (KCA)
20:56:40 <PaulWay>    Sounds right.
20:56:54 <jhesketh>
20:56:59 <PaulWay>    Yeah.
20:58:22 <PaulWay>    donak: by "best way to start a group" I meant "by
finding people who you want to associate with and who have something in
21:01:07 <donak>    I figured it was the only way I was going to "find one"
... make my own, since there didn't seem to be a LUG between Sunshine Coast
(just north of Brisbane) and Townsville
21:01:19 <PaulWay>    *nods*
21:02:06 <donak>    we had a subscriber to our mailing list from a town near
Bundaberg for a while ... about 400 km south of here
21:03:37 <donak>    I got lucky, the 2nd person I talked to was a founding
member of Humbug, now resident here
21:04:41 <donak>    one of the things we discussed at our meeting last
Saturday, was the idea of a website, since one of our number wants to
circulate something to drag in more members ...
21:05:03 <donak>    have you had any time to look at the "club in a box" we
discussed last month Paul?
21:05:15 <PaulWay>    Hahaha - sadly, no.
21:05:29 <donak>    I think the two blokes who discussed it the most are
going to go look for a site, and build it
21:05:40 <PaulWay>    I've just redone our website - http://clug.org.au is
now vaguely up-to-date.
21:06:51 *    Jiko <snip> has joined #linux-aus-lugs
21:06:56 <Jiko>    evening.
21:07:06 <PaulWay>    My recommendation - make something that is easy to
21:07:09 <PaulWay>    Hi Jiko.
21:07:51 <donak>    Jiko is one of us too, now we have you all surrounded
21:08:07 <donak>    and one of the discussers of a website
21:08:48 <PaulWay>    Aiee!
21:10:35 <PaulWay>    Seriously, what has mattered for our website is:
21:10:57 *    dns53 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:10:58 <PaulWay>    a) simple HTML - no wordpress, no wikis.  It suits the
technical people.
21:11:12 <PaulWay>    b) XHTML 1.0 and CSS 3.0 compliance
21:11:22 <PaulWay>    c) accurate up-to-date information.
21:11:44 <Jiko>    actually, HUMBUG has recently moved their website to a
21:11:46 <PaulWay>    http://clug.org.au is the current page.
21:12:29 <donak>    Jiko is also the "man from Humbug" I mentioned earlier
(in the context of 2nd person I talked to about a LUG)
21:12:55 <PaulWay>    I'm all for wikis myself, but we have to work with the
server software we've got.
21:13:14 <Jiko>    PaulWay: I don't think we particularly care, it'd just be
useful to have a place we can dump some info
21:13:17 <PaulWay>    And there's a very strong feeling (at least for now)
amongst CLUGgers that the web page should load fast and be presentable with
a minimum of server effort.
21:13:26 <Jiko>    PaulWay: so we can point people at it as a reference
21:13:44 <PaulWay>    To give you an idea of where we're at from a 'who does
what' perspective:
21:14:19 <donak>    PaulWay, how much room can we use on Linux Australias
website? short term solution would be to put a couple of paragraphs on the
"FOSS in Australia : LUG" page
21:14:31 <PaulWay>    We have tonyb and sjh as sysadmins, with evil_steve
doing some other unspecified role.
21:15:25 <PaulWay>    The clug.andrew.net.au site that runs the
'lug-in-a-box' script that we sends out meeting announcements is run by
21:16:13 <PaulWay>    And bob, another guy who runs the CSIT department at
ANU and therefore gives us access to the room and the bandwidth, influences
the way everything's run even though IRC is too new-school for him :-)
21:20:35 <PaulWay>    Originally the site mentioned Andrew Tridgell and
Steve Walsh as contacts for the CLUG - Tridge famously skims most of his
email, and Steve passes on what he gets to me but he's down in Melbourne
21:21:13 <PaulWay>    I mention all this to make the point that having
systems where you're relying on one person to run the server / wordpress /
whatever system leads to fracturing over time.
21:22:04 <donak>    you're not alone there, just yesterday I found a 4 day
old email in a gmail account I set up for the LUG that is now outdated ...
we are no longer "RockLUG"
21:22:18 <PaulWay>    Heh...
21:22:35 <PaulWay>    I've got a phone call to go to, peoples - thanks for
the meeting / chat / thing.
21:22:45 <donak>    cya another time
21:23:07 <talonz>    that was the meeting ?
21:23:31 <donak>    that was all she wrote ... usual organizer wasn't
present, so we had to roll our own
21:30:20 <donak>    I'd say we can draw a line under it, unless anyone can
think of anything else?
21:30:39 <Jiko>    sounds like a goer
21:31:25 *    donak taps quill pen on lectern ... once, twice ... th, th,
that's all folks
21:31:48 *    gorilla <snip> has joined #linux-aus-lugs
21:31:55 <donak>    timing
21:32:05 <donak>    hi gorilla you've just missed all the fun
21:32:14 *    Jiko <snip> has left #linux-aus-lugs
21:32:36 <donak>    which LUG are you from?
21:32:52 <gorilla>    never mind.. just found out about it. I'm a mlug
member in melbourne.
21:33:24 <donak>    cool, well if you're on the mailing list, I'm going to
send a synopsis of the meet ...
21:33:49 <gorilla>    I can get the synopsis from the archive anyway.
21:33:55 <donak>    I might send it to Linux Aus mailing list too, since
there were no screams of horror when I suggested it
21:34:18 <donak>    archive? as in Chanserv log?
21:35:30 <gorilla>    I meant for the mail archive. But yes, I just
21:35:45 <donak>    ok
21:35:57 *    HP_T5720 <snip> has joined #linux-aus-lugs
21:36:22 <donak>    hi HP_T5720  you've just missed all the fun
21:37:03 <HP_T5720>    hi donak, what happened?
21:37:28 <donak>    not too much, if you're on the mailing list I'm sending
a synopsis
21:37:43 <donak>    hopefully I can cut out the drivel, starting with my own
21:37:47 <PaulWay>    donak: sending a copy to the linux aus list is a great
21:38:07 <donak>    Roger, Willco ... end of phone convesation PaulWay ?
21:38:26 <HP_T5720>    OK. I'll collect my emails in a little while and have
a look, you mean the LUV list, yes?
21:38:43 <donak>    nope, see topic here my friend
21:39:01 <HP_T5720>    hmm, not on that list. :-(
21:39:26 <donak>    sign up then! we need all the involved people we can get
21:39:40 <HP_T5720>    OK. will do then.
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Don Knowles
Rockhampton, AUSTRALIA
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