[Linux-aus] It's that time of year again

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Thu Jul 2 22:38:27 EST 2009

----- "Glen Turner" <gdt at gdt.id.au> wrote:
> > KRE isn't interested in having LA have *useful* access to the
> linux.conf.au domain
> That does not at all reflect the personal conversations I've had with
> Robert on this issue in the past.
> What do you think complaining to Robert will do? 

Nothing, so I don't.

> He does not create the AU policy, he does not maintain it.

Correct. CONF.AU is another matter altogether. He does create the policy for that domain and maintain it.

> If he does not implement it as written then
> some bastard will sue him into bankruptcy just to get control of the TLD. Robert
> has been there, done that, and isn't about to be stupid enough to do anything but
> implement the letter of the policy.  Nor is anyone filling in for Robert.  We've all
> been scarred by the history of DNS regulation in Australia.
> > and AUDA aren't interested in fixing the issue.
> AuDA are interested in money. And conf.au isn't going to bring in any
> of that.
> Which is why they are disinterested.

I don't disagree. But it all adds up to the domain not being useful.

> linux.conf.au is the most successful technical conference in
> Australia.  So get out there and lobby the members of the AuDA Board so that they take an
> interest.
> I'd wager that Linux Australia has never written them a letter.

There have been back and forwards emails with AUDA for years to no effect. Lots of emails.

No actual physical letter on paper that I know of, but a committee member should be able to confirm or deny that.
> I've never seen a mention of this issue in the trade press.  It's well
> time AuDA had some PR heat.



> Do a stunt. Register linux.conf.nz for this year.

There is no conf.nz domain (but linux.org.nz works and is registered)

> Write an open letter
> to the Minister for Communications and Random Other Stuff pointing out that
> the .nz just happened, but for linux.conf.au you've been in negotiations with
> AuDA for over five years.
> Get interested people in power interested. Kate Lundy is a good starting point.

I have no energy or interest in pursuing this after two+ years. Others are welcome to, though, if they think they can get anything done.

> > In short: LA/LCA are rooted as both entities who *could* solve this problem
> No, Robert cannot solve this problem.  Hassling him is just counterproductive.

He can fix it very easily by:

1) Allowing ongoing registrations for CONF.AU just like any other AU domain.
2) Grandfathering LINUX.CONF.AU to the only organisation that uses it.

Note that I do not advocate hassling him, but just not using the domain anymore.

> AuDA on the other hand can give you what you want. All you've got to
> do is to get it enough profile to get it on the meeting agenda.

AUDA have promised us the domain and then changed their minds when they found out that KRE is in charge of it. Again, no energy or will to go through the whole rigmarole *again* only to probably end up in the same place.

- P.

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