[Linux-aus] Voting for ?

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 03:07:17 EST 2009

In response to Sridhar's comment:

>"One pattern I discovered when examining previous LA elections is the
>low voter turnout. On most years the total number (not percentage) of
>votes was around 65-70. Why is this the case? Do we need to be doing
>more to engage the community? Are we not well-known enough? Are we not
>transparent enough? These are issues that we should be addressing."

For myself, I'd have to say, I simply don't know the people who are standing.
My only contact with any of the candidates is online, through these emails or
occasionally in IRC.

I appreciate that "policy statements" or "mission statements" have been
put up by all or many of the candidates, but most of what seems to be
talked about has little impact on my personal use of Linux.

I'm a desktop user, not a developer or system admin of any sort,
I got into Linux because it was free and it worked on 2nd hand hardware
I managed to acquire.

I've appreciated things like the OpenDiscs (of which I was sent 500),
and I've done my best to do my part and share them around,
but I was surprised there doesn't seem to be anything similar in
Linux Operating Systems.
Too dangerous? ("OMG, What have you done with my Windows?")

But I can't afford trips to places like Hobart these days,
(I've been to Tassie 3 times, in my youth) and I live in Rockhampton,
which seems to be a long way from all the other people,
so, no face to face meets were possible until I helped start our own

So, who should I vote for? Sorry, no idea.

Don Knowles
Rockhampton 4700 AUSTRALIA

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