[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

Arthur Marsh arthur.marsh at internode.on.net
Wed Feb 18 14:06:48 EST 2009

Glen Turner wrote, on 2009-02-16 21:23:

> As a personal example, I am a senior network engineer at an ISP.
> TAFE are sending us people who understand Cisco routers, but
> without an understanding of Linux --- the platform of choice
> for network services --- and those people need a huge amount of
> training to bring up to speed.
> Cheers, Glen

Aren't IT services at South Australian TAFE colleges out-sourced to EDS?

Do EDS offer managed GNU/Linux IT services?

Should bidders for government funded IT services be required to have 
competence to deliver solutions based on Free software?

The other invisible elephant in the use of software is how costs of 
Microsoft software are met - it is automatically assumed that there will 
be licensing (and maintenance, including extra staff, hardware...) costs 
and the costs are passed on in such a way as to obscure their 
blood-sucking effect on the local economy.

Arthur (imagining billboard posters with slogans such as "Free as in 
Freedom" and "Don't fear the penguin").

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