[Linux-aus] penguin shirts

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Feb 16 18:28:07 EST 2009

Hello Peter

I currently have a box full of the Tshirts that Pia dropped at my feet 
at LCA before running away cackling with glee, so organising a reprint 
probably isn't the best thing to do just yet..

I haven't really thought about how I'm going to handle getting them to 
people just yet, but stay tuned and I'll try to sort something out soon.


Peter Miller wrote:
> A few years back Pia was carting around huge boxes full of t-shirts with
> the dotty penguin picture, at $25 each.  I have worn mine out and I'd
> like to buy a couple more.
> How much interest is there in a reprint?
> I am prepared to organise this (scratching my own itch y'know) but I
> don't want to wind up with a garage full of boxes.  For those of you who
> are interested, how would you imagine a shirt would reach you?  Come to
> that, how was it done last time?

Steve Walsh
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