[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

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>James Purser wrote:
>> Actually this isn't correct. Apple and MS may have the majority of the
>> desktop locked up between them, however by no means are they the only
>> two Operating System companies.
>> Just off the top of my head:
>> Sun
"Sun is a proponent of open systems in general and Unix in particular, and a major contributor to open source software."
>> Apple
"Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system"
>> MS
Proprietary software
>> Qnix
custom derived from Unix
>> Cisco
Cisco IOS Proprietary software
>> Palm
PalmSource - Linux kernel
ACCESS Linux Platform 
Palm webOS  - linux
>> Motorola
Motorola introduced the world's first handset to combine a Linux operating system and Java technology with "full PDA functionality".
>> Canonical
ubuntu - linux
>> RedHat
>> Novell
Novell acquired SuSE, a developer of a leading Linux distribution, which led to a major shift of power in Linux distributions.

>And don't forget Oracle, Nokia, Juniper, and the thousand other
>companies that develop custom OS'es either stand-alone or built on
>other OS platforms.
Oracle Corporation announces Unbreakable Linux
Nokia custom Proprietary software
Juniper: The JUNOS kernel is based on the open source FreeBSD operating system
unless the hardware is truely custom most hardware can run linux

>> So purchase from a supplier that allows for either NO OS or choice of
>> OS.
>As the young folk say "word".
what? I dont get it? i must be getting too old :)


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