[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at li.org
Mon Feb 9 11:43:59 EST 2009

>I have no need to alter it right now.[1]

>[1] Just as I had no need to alter GLX, but still disabled it on my
>system while it was non-free.

I suppose that this is a feeble attempt to infer that my video is
"non-free" because I choose not to give up complete rights to it, but to
have some type of control as to how it is modified.

Fine, that seems to be your definition of intellectual property
"freedom" but given the other freedoms that I allowed with the video, I
think it aligns closely with "public domain" and I was not ready to go
there with my image, any more than a lot of people on this list go with
"public domain" as a way of licensing the software they write.

I thought long and hard about whether or not to add the "non-derivative"
to the Creative Commons license, and I did it for two reasons:

o I did not want someone changing my image to say something different
than the message I was trying to get across.  If they want to do that,
they can create their own video.  They can even make a parody of my
video, denouncing Free Software, but I don't have to help them do it by
giving them my image and voice.

o Taking the existing video, compressed into whatever format that
YouTube uses and trying to change it would probably not yield very good
results.  By contacting me directly I could give them the original
source, as I did with a friend who asked if they could dub Portuguese to
it.  They have the sources (and the uncompressed final copies)
now....whether they will go through with it or not I don't know....it is
a lot of work.

Nothing stops the "kids down the road" nor the person who wants to use
"one frame or four seconds" from hitting the "comment button" on YouTube
and asking me if they can use the materials.  But quite frankly, I would
rather see "the kids down the road" create their own video with their
own acting, their own props and their own message.

I will be putting another video up soon, and that will be licensed as
"Derivatives Allowed".  There will be a lot of material in that new
video that will be useful to people doing their own videos on
intellectual freedom....or for those opposed to intellectual freedom.
And they will have the "freedom" to do with the material that they wish.

But that material will not have my image attached to it.  IMHO this is
one of the reasons why the Creative Commons created the category of
license "No Derivatives".

Out of the approximately 1700 people who have watched it not a single
person has sent me a comment saying something like "I would like to
alter it" other than my friend in Brazil who is dubbing the Portuguese.

For those others that do want to use it, the "comment" button is still

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