[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Sun Feb 8 21:21:23 EST 2009

On Sat, 07 Feb 2009 19:31:43 -0500
"Jon 'maddog' Hall" <maddog at li.org> wrote:

> >Nice video pity about the licence CC-good attribution - good no
> >derivatives so I am not free to alter the video for my needs?
> Sorry, but I am a public person, and there are lots of people at
> various large companies that might like to take my video, change my
> words with dubbing, etc. etc.  Should I allow them to do that?

Yes, you should also allow the kid down the road to as well. Remember
not all re-dubs are malicious :)
Same applies if someone wants to use 1 frame or 4 seconds (or $other
small amount) - as I understand it they currently can't (at least in
AU), because they can't derive it.

> What are your needs that you need to alter it?  I can always dual
> license it.
> md

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