[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Sun Feb 8 21:15:54 EST 2009

On Sun, 08 Feb 2009 18:23:57 +1100
Harry WWC <harry at woodward-clarke.com> wrote:

> G'day Andy et.al.,
> (whoever 'al' may be ;')


> > I'm half convinced that there's some sort of selection bias in
> > these sorts of discussions. I don't doubt that proprietary tools
> > are more prevalent in a great many sectors, but I've anecdotally
> > worked at a number of places who didn't care what tools you used
> > for a given job as long as the file formats are interchangeable.
> Ay, there's the rub. That is, at the end of the day, the _real_
> requirement. *But*, the "easiest" way (hah!) of achieving that is to
> "but MicroSoft". 

Unless you have a different version of "Microsoft"[office], in which
case its entirely possible (likely?) that you'll have file format
issues anyway.
Especially at the moment, as they made docx (and friends) default
formats for new office versions.

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