[Linux-aus] Minutes of 29/01/2009

Leah Duncan leah at geonetrix.com.au
Wed Feb 4 19:29:01 EST 2009

Apologies for the delay, getting access and procedural details in place.

Minutes from the last meeting 29/01/2009 are now available at 

A transcript is also available below.


Leah Duncan
Secretary, Linux Australia.


= Council meeting =
 * Time 9:12 pm, Thursday, 2009/01/29
 * Where: Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel
 * Attendees: Steve Walsh, Anthony Towns, Leah Duncan, Melissa Draper, 
Ben Powell, Sridhar Dhanapalan, Stewart Smith
== Notes ==
 {*} Welcome and introduction of new committee

 {*} Meeting schedule for 2009
 Current schedule has been Thursday nights at 9 pm.  BP suggests moving 
this forward to 8 pm for convenience.
 MOTION: "That LA council meetings be moved to 8 pm Thursday nights." - 

 {*} Updating wiki with contact details
 All new committee members to create contact pages for wiki - ordinary 
council members only required to have minimal contact information. 
Anthony and Steve to update current council information to reflect new 

 {*} New council wiki (AJ and Steve)
 New council wiki to be set up for testing by Steve and Anthony, however 
implementation is contingent on hardware upgrades to ensure current wiki 
and new council wiki operations are not interrupted.  This will 
hopefully allow a better ticketing system (e.g. Trac) for current 
issues, and a better collaborative environment for the council.

 {*} Ghosts for 2010
 Steve to contact the Wellington team for an update on proposed dates 
for Ghosts due to possible issues with passport issuance. Discussion of 
a "Technical Ghosts" later in the year, to pass on knowledge surrounding 
AV, network, registrations etc.  LA could possibly cover the cost of 
this, and invite involvement from OSDC contacts.  This item to be 
retabled at a later meeting.

 {*} Recent media re: election
 Discussion regarding the value of media training for those on the 
council plus future LCA teams, and the development of a policy irt 
media.  Stewart suggests media requests are to be forwarded to a core 
council member, with a brain storming session after media training.

 {*} Council F2F Council F2F discussed for mid to late March, pending 
more information on timetable for Ghosts for LCA'10.  Discussion to be 
revisited at next council meeting once Ghosts timetable is more definite.

== General Business ==
 . Grants - Melissa Draper and Sridhar Dhanapalan to handle grants 
process this year - ensure they are communicated to council and list.
 . Current outstanding requests are BarCamp Adelaide (general funding 
for venue, merch, catering?), Christian Ramilo (purchase of 2 computers 
- Malak Telecentro Server and Multimedia Workstation, approx $1980), 
StixCamp Newstead (Ben Balbo - sponsorship of approx $500 - 600).  These 
are to be put to LA mailing list for discussion and tabled at the next 
 . Public Officer - LA public officer must reside in NSW.  Leah to 
contact Terry regarding continuing this role.
== Finish - 10:18 pm ==

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