[Linux-aus] Slightly OT: Can you donate some web design skills?

Sarah Stokely sarah.stokely at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 13:24:15 EST 2009

Hi everyone,I'm working on setting up a pro bono PR and Communications
agency. This will formalise the volunteer work that I already do for such
awesome groups as LCA and OpenAustralia.org (*grin*) and hopefully be a
place for others to volunteer their skills (or get some
help/training/resources to help their not for profit project or group).

I am great at the writing and the organising and stuff, but I am not good at
creating or designing good websites. I hoped someone might have some time to
help? I also have no logo yet but it would be awesome if someone wanted to
create one.

I will need some static pages, a blog, a contact form and the ability to
host downloadable materials. Down the track some interactivity on the site
would be great  - I want it to become a community portal for communication
and information sharing. I must be able to update the site myself - and I'd
prefer a web interface for updating the site. I <3 WordPress, not
experienced with Drupal but willing to learn if it is user friendly. ;)

Would be happy to discuss further offlist. Thanks in advance and apologies
if you see this message twice!

Sarah Stokely
Blog: http://www.foxforcefive.com/
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