[Linux-aus] Running for Linux Australia Council

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Sun Dec 27 23:19:57 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm Joshua Hesketh and I am honoured to accept my nomination for
committee member on the Linux Australia 2010 council.

I work very hard at what I commit to doing, always look to go the extra
mile. I try to have a very balanced and unbiased point of view, and I
play devil's advocate regularly in discussions to ensure neutral, wise,
conclusive and well thought out decisions are reached. I am very
passionate and motivated to bring more transparency and visibility to
Linux Australia. I am committed to seeing Linux Australia become a
respected and powerful voice on IT topics both in Australia and even
internationally. I also desire for Linux Australia to be more involved
in local events and advocacy and to become closer with the community by
supporting OSIA, OSDC, SAGE etc.

A little bit about myself: I am currently a part time mechatronic
engineering student while running a small consultancy business in
software development specialising in open source and open standards. I
am based in Hobart, having recently moved from Launceston where I have
been closely involved in Software Freedom Day events as well as other
promotional and advocacy groups. I am an active member within the local
(Tas)LUG community as well. I am passionate about Linux, Open Source and
Open Standards and believe strongly in the freedom of information (both
gratis and libre).

I was on the LCA09 executive committee. My roles included leading the
web/zookeepr team, being the miniconf coordinator, organising volunteers
and organising AV as well as arranging the catering, the Google party,
local sponsorship and processing various payments and requests. I have
continued to contribute to zookeepr (the conference management software)
and to provide consultation to the LCA2010 web team which I hope to
continue into future years. I have also been on both the 2009 and the
2010 paper selection teams. Most recently I have become involved in
organising the Linux Australia jobs list which I hope to get up and
running at full speed early next year. (http://linux.org.au/jobs/)

If elected to the Council I will commit to Linux Australia servicing its
members better to meet the needs of the greater open source community.
My commitment to the jobs lists, zookeepr and to promotion and advocacy
is just my starting point.

For those wishing to know more about myself and my commitment, you are
more than welcome to email me on or off list.

Warm Regards,

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