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Hi all,

I thought some of you might want to know about this (if you don't already).
You can contribute online, and there are also remote community events
happening in Sydney (Parramatta as opposed to the main event in Kensington),
Melbourne, Brisbane and maybe one or two others.

So why would you bother? Well this forum is about creating business cases
for how the NBN can be used which will help with ensuring the infrastructure
rolled out is as open and useful as possible to future uses and business
models. If any of you have opinions about infrastructure, bandwidth or ideas
for how to avoid it being limited then you should have your say either
online through their consultation tools or through one of the group events.
Remember, informative and constructive input is the best way to achieve your

Below is the invitation to the Melbourne event as an example :) 

Hope to see some of you contribute :) There is a lot of awesome expertise
and knowledge in our community, hence I will always try to ensure you know
about important consultations that I hear about.


(disclaimer: I work for Senator Lundy and am helping garner community input
to the consultation - just in case anyone doesn't know my work status :)

From: Keith De La Rue [mailto:keith at delarue.net] 
Sent: Friday, 4 December 2009 4:59 PM
Subject: Broadband future - Register now!

All - 
All systems are now go for the Melbourne BroadBand Future session at 8:30 to
12:00 next Thursday 10 Dec.  Deloitte are very kindly hosting us at 550
Bourke St. (Thanks to Pete Williams & Beata Lanica.)
We're talking about our connected future. This isn't about technology, it's
about how we can all use it - to connect communities, build businesses,
improve our education and health systems, create and innovate, improve our
quality of life for all.
See the details, and click through to register here:
For those of you wishing to come along, please register as quickly as you
can, as there are limited places available!  
If you are unable to make it, please pass on the invitation.  I am hoping
that we get a good representation of people from #socialmelb and CPX in
particular; but of course others are welcome, and we look forward to having
some diverse points of view!
Hope to see you there!  If you can't make it, follow us on Twitter at

 - Keith. 
Keith De La Rue 
AcKnowledge Consulting
...acting on knowledge, communication and learning
email:  <blocked::mailto:keith at delarue.net> keith at delarue.net
phone: 0418 51 7676
twitter: @kdelarue
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