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Forwarded (with permission) for discussion as per the grants policy

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Subject: [LACTTE] Grant Proposal: Customer Compliance HowTo
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Request for Grant under the Linux Australia Grants Program

**** Date: 2 December 2009

**** Project Name: 
Customer Compliance HowTo

This is a grant application and is subject to my earlier grant application "Feasibility Report for Customer Enforced Licence Compliance":
* being approved; and
* resulting in a positive outcome

**** Aim of the Project:
This proposal is for the development of Australia specific resources to assist in enforcing compliance with open source licences (primarily focussed on embedded devices, but the resources would be more generically applicable).  Output would be a HOWTO type document covering issues from identifying an infringement up to lodging a complaint with the relevant Fair Trading Office. Things it would like cover (by way of example, but may change in the course of research or drafting) are:

* overview of how to identify non-compliant devices, with pointers to more detailed resources
* outline of compliance process up to initiation of proceedings
* steps that a person should take when seeking to enforce compliance, including information that the person should record/look for in preparation for a compliance action
* sample/precedent initial letter, discussion of serving letters/requests for information, discussion on who might be appropriate to send such a letter to.
* sample/precedent fair trading complaint. 

HOWTO-type document covering issues such as those above. 
The document may be licensed openly (eg GPLv3) and would be drafted accordingly (this may mean that the document would be more circumspect than if it was not published openly). 

Report to be produced within 4-6 weeks of later of: grant approval and completion of the feasibility research.   

**** Person Responsible for Request:
Brendan Scott

**** Request:
Grant amount: $3,000

**** Forwarding to linux-aus@
This is fine.

My Contribution: Costing includes 1:1 donation of my time.

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