[Linux-aus] linux ausralia podcast

Daniel Sobey dns_server at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 30 15:50:45 EST 2009

Hi Linux Australia,

After a little discussion on the linux-comms meeting that we should have
a linux podcast. I've briefly discussed it with james purser that I can
take it over. His podcast was conversations with linux users and
presenting information about lug groups and upcoming meetings.
The format is open for discussion, if you have any ideas speak up.

What I would like from Linux Australia:
* I would like to be endorsed by Linux Australia and use the Linux
Australia name. I'd like permission to have it called "the Linux
Australia Podcast".
* I would like permission to use mirror.linux.org.au to host the mp3 and
ogg files.
* I would also like to use an @linux.org.au email address, but if it is
too much work I will use my own. A mailing list might be a good option
if it is not too much trouble to set up.

I would like help from everyone:
* I need people from each lug to be in contact with me and keep me
informed on what is happening there. If something interesting is
discussed on a lug list feel free to forward it to me. I can't be
everywhere so if I can get some to monitor their area and keep me up to
date that would be a great help.

* I will need things like theme music and a logo for the podcast. I'm
sure we have some artists here so I would be happy for any
contributions. I probably want to licence it under the "Creative Commons
Attribution 2.5 Australia License" unless anyone has any reason not to.
I will need a website to host this, it could be a page on the Linux
Australia website or something separate.

* I would like others to help out as much as possible. I want this to be
as much of a representation of the linux community in Australia so it is
best if it is not just me talking. I'd be happy to have a co host or
someone to record every other week. if there is anyone who wants to edit
the audio or do any of the other production stuff feel free to contact

I'm sure I have missed a lot so feel free to contact me on or off list
with any ideas, suggestions, comments and any other feedback. I would
like to get things organised before software freedom day and call up
each team during the day if possible.


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