[Linux-aus] LA's SFD CD Run

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Aug 28 21:30:48 EST 2009

On 24/08/09 23:21, Steve Walsh wrote:
> What we would like is you, the Linux Australia community, to send
> through some ideas or drafts for the CD artwork. Go wild, but keep in
> mind it needs to fit a normal 8cm CD, and contain a brief explanation of
> what we're trying to do and achieve. For those who may not have seen the
> artwork for last years SFD run, it can be seen at
> http://mabula.net/sfd-2008-cd-label.png

BTW, the SVG of that is also available at 
http://mabula.net/sfd-2008-cd-label.svg - however Firefox seems to not read it 
correctly.  Try downloading it and opening it directly from Inkscape.  If in 
doubt, send me an email and I'll send you it directly.

Have fun,


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