[Linux-aus] [Osia-discuss] Tax office - Open Source policy

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 27 08:36:50 EST 2009

Is there anything wrong with plain text?  The NSA still seem to think
it's good enough for them.  Or is it necessary for people to be able to
choose unreadable fonts and underline things in order to do their job?


PS: This email was sent in plain text.  "Client software" available for
just about anything that takes voltage.

PPS: I've not had much sleep.  Excuse the sarcasm.

Stuart Guthrie wrote:
> Obviously it would be better for the ATO to use an open and published
> standard such as ODF (Open Document Format). There are many products
> that support this standard and it can be read and written on all major
> operating systems including Linux, OSX, OpenSolaris and Windows.
> ----- "Ron Skeoch" <skeoro at muli.com.au> wrote:
>> There has been a movement to revert to allowing Microsoft word
>> as an allowable communication medium.

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