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Excuse the top posting - I really haven't figured out how to get
Evolution to actually behave itself.

That said, do the CDs have to be branded to a particular year?

Surely it's less expensive to print a few hundred information sheets
that are branded to a year and hand out a year agnostic CD set.

Of course, this doesn't address the fact that some open source software
is updated on a very regular basis (but that's not the point of my
suggestion - I *think* it's more feasible to start on a previous version
of a distro and then update it than download the latest, newest ISO over
dialup but I haven't done that over dialup for quite a while).


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I like the idea of the pre-printed CD-R.

For those who argue that a lot of people have broadband, there are still
a lot of people who just have dial-up.  And you can give the person a
choice of pulling it down themselves, or taking a CD-R.

For other events, you can ask for a donation for the CD-R.  After all,
the software is "free", but the CD-R is not.  This gets people to
understand and re-inforce the idea that they too can duplicate the CD-R
and "pass it forward", but they have the right to charge a modest amount
to cover costs.

Or you can offer a pre-printed CD-RW to the person, to allow them to
download the image you gave them, then replace that software later with
more up-to-date software.

Or you can offer a pre-printed DVD-R/RW to the person, putting multiple
distributions (albeit at more transfer time) on the DVD to give them
choice of distributions....and ask for a donation to cover the costs.

Warmest regards,


> Every year, LA is asked to do a run of varying numbers of Open CD's
> (or 
> equivalent) for the SFD events as part of our yearly team assistance 
> (along with provide PLI coverage, etc). However, it's always a bit of
> a 
> stab in the dark about the exact numbers needed for each team. An 
> example was last year, where the initial figure of 50,000 CDs was 
> raised, which was scaled back to 8,000 CDs, resulting in some teams 
> having their initial request doubled (or in some cases quadrupled),
> and 
> getting far more than was needed for a SFD run.
> Some of these groups still have boxes of in various people's lounge 
> rooms, garages, etc, which are branded for SFD 2008, which are now 
> heading towards landfill, a not very ecologically sustainable
> practice.
> The LA Council spent a fair bit of time discussing this issue at our 
> Face to Face meeting earlier in the year, and came up with a
> solution, 
> which this email is outlining. Linux Australia will order up to 2500 
> Blank, Professionally (ie - CMYK Silk Screen) printed CD's with a 
> Generic(ish) artwork for use by each LUG *or* SFD teams to distribute 
> open software to members of the public. I'll elaborate more on the 
> artwork below.
> These CD's will be provided blank to LUGS for then to burn with
> software 
> or a pre-built ISO (opendisc, etc) of FOSS software for events as
> they 
> need. Whilst some people argue that a blank CD is next to useless as
> it 
> still needs to be burnt with data, taking time, a LUG or SFD team
> could 
> knock over burning 1500 Disks over the course of a planning meeting
> or 
> two (we are all having planning meetings, right?), and then burn more
> on 
> the day as they get mobbed and run low. As a LUG runs low, Linux 
> Australia will order a "topup" run of CDs to allow these to be an "on 
> going" resource for LUG's to use at things like Install/fix-fests,
> cake 
> stalls, etc.
> I know at least one person in a LUGComms meeting has raised concerns 
> that the artwork will be "Sharpie Quality" ( ie - each CD scrawled on 
> with magic marker), but it is intended that the artwork will be 
> professionally screen printed in CMYK onto the CD's by a 
> duplication/printing firm, but with a generic title (ie - "The Open 
> software disc", etc), meaning that the media can service a number of 
> uses over the year, while still maintaining a polished and effective 
> appearance.
> What we would like is you, the Linux Australia community, to send 
> through some ideas or drafts for the CD artwork. Go wild, but keep in 
> mind it needs to fit a normal 8cm CD, and contain a brief explanation
> of 
> what we're trying to do and achieve. For those who may not have seen
> the 
> artwork for last years SFD run, it can be seen at 
> http://mabula.net/sfd-2008-cd-label.png
> As always, we want to hear your feedback, so please let us know if
> you 
> think this is tha bomb, or is just bomb, if you'd all prefer year 
> specific CD's run off each year with a fixed content, etc.
> Thanks
> Steve

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