[Linux-aus] Linux.conf.au 2010 Sysadmin Miniconf : Call for Presentations

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Sat Aug 22 19:38:32 EST 2009

           CFP: LCA 2010 Systems Administration Miniconf

As part of the linux.conf.au conference in Wellington, New Zealand
in January 2010 we will be holding a 1 day mini conference orientated to
Linux Systems Administration.

Please see our website at http://sysadmin.miniconf.org/ for details.

The organisers of the Systems Administration Miniconf would like to
invite proposals for presentations to be delivered at the Miniconf.

Presentation Topics

Topics for presentations could include (but are not limited to)

Systems Administration, Backups, Security, Troubleshooting, Buying
Decisions, Virtualisation, Enterprise Monitoring and Management,
Identity Management, Web and Email management, Wiki, Clustering and High
Availability, Log Management, Spam and Virus Filtering, VOIP, Ticketing
systems, Bootstrapping and automated installation, Configuration
Management and packaging.

We strongly welcome topics on best practice, new developments in systems
administration and cutting edge techniques to better manage Linux hosts
and environments.

Presentations should be of a technical nature and speakers should assume
that members of the audience have at least a couple of years experience in
Unix/Linux administration.

Format of Presentations

We are now seeking proposals for presentations at the mini-conference.
We have openings for:

- 45 minute double-length presentations
- 20 minute full presentations
- 10-15 minute "How we do things" presentations
- 5-10 minute "lightning talks"

Please note, due to the single day available, we expect the vast
majority of available timeslots to be 25 minutes long or less.

The 10-15 minute "How we do things" presentations are intended for people to
talk about their sites. Information could include: Servers, talks, tools,
people and roles, experiences, software, operating systems, monitoring,
alerting, provisioning etc. The intent is to give other attendees a picture
of what is happening in the "real world" and some understanding of how other
sites work.

Submitting talks

Please note that in order to give a presentation or attend the miniconf
you must be signed up for the main linux.conf.au conference. Presenting at
the Miniconf does not entitle you to discounted or free registration at the
main conference nor priority with registration.

Unfortunately the Miniconf has no budget for sponsorship of speakers
(but welcomes offers of sponsorship).

Please see the Call for Presentations web page at:


the site contains the information required for submissions.

Submissions should be made via:


Questions should be sent to:

lca10 @ sysadmin.miniconf.org.

Dates and Deadlines

To encourage early submissions priority ( both of inclusion and
scheduling ) will be given to presentations submitted before the 7th
of September.

2009-09-07 - Deadline for early submissions
2009-09-21 - Deadline for submissions
2009-10-01 - Final programme confirmation.
2010-01-18 - Start of conference.

Contact and Questions

Please see our website at http://sysadmin.miniconf.org/ for more
information on the miniconf and presenting at it.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the organisers at:

lca10 @ sysadmin.miniconf.org

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