[Linux-aus] LCA2010 Open Programming Languages Miniconf: Call for Presentations now open

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 11:04:02 EST 2009

The LCA2010 Open Programming Languages Miniconf, to be held at
Linux.conf.au 2010 in January 2010 (either on Monday 18th or Tuesday
19th January), invites presentations about all programming languages
with an Open Source implementation, such as Perl, Python, C, PHP and
Ruby, amongst others.

Topics may include recent developments in open programming languages,
interface design, portability and packaging, coding applications with
cool new libraries and frameworks, and showing off the use of novel
programming techniques; presentations may be proposed in a standard
(25-minute) or long (45-minute) talk format.

Whilst most talks will be specific to a single language, the focus of
this miniconf will be on sharing techniques, best practices and values
amongst programmers of all open programming languages.

(The canonical version of this document can always be found at
http://blogs.tucs.org.au/oplm/cfp/ )


    * Wednesday, August 12, 2009: CFP Opens at
    * Friday, September 25: CFP Closes
    * Saturday, September 26-Thursday, October 1: Notification of
successful presenters
    * Friday, October 2: Final programme submitted to LCA2010 organisers
    * January 18, 2010: Linux.conf.au 2010 Begins

The timeline for the CFP is extremely tight by requirement of the
LCA2010 organisers, so no time extensions will be granted.


The LCA2010 Open Programming Languages Miniconf invites presentations
on topics of interest to application developers. All presentations
must focus on developing (and developing with) software that is
available under an OSI-approved source licence.

If you have an idea for a presentation and you aren’t sure if it’s
suitable, send an e-mail to the miniconf organisers and we’ll be glad
to help you out.

=== For OSDC Presenters ===

Although this mini-conference may appear similar in scope to the much
bigger Open Source Developers’ Conference (OSDC), it is intended to be
complementary rather than competitive. If you have made a presentation
at OSDC recently, please consider proposing different material to this
miniconf; this will help to ensure a unique set of talks, encouraging
OSDC regulars, as well as the broader developer community to attend


The Open Programming Languages Miniconf invites presentations of one
of three formats:

    * Standard-length (20-25 minutes including questions)
    * Long (40-45 minutes including questions).

We intend for standard-length presentation to make up the vast
majority of our presentations. If you plan on submitting a proposal
for a long presentation, a willingness to present a standard-length
presentation will impact positively on your proposal.


To submit your proposal, we’ll need the following information:

    * Details about yourself including your name, contact details and
a short biography.
    * Your proposal title (suitable for printing in the Linux.conf.au Programme)
    * An abstract (suitable for publication on the Miniconf website)
    * Your preferred presentation format, either standard or long and
whether you are open to the other presentation format.

To submit a proposal, fill in the form at


If you’re considering submitting a proposal for a presentation to the
miniconf, you should keep the following in mind:

    * You may only present at the miniconf on the basis that you grant
permission to licence a video recording of your talk (and optionally
your slides) under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
(CC-BY-SA) licence.
    * Presenters at LCA Miniconfs (including ours) will not be offered
free registration to the main conference; to present, you must be
registered as a delegate to the Linux.conf.au 2010. It is possible for
the miniconf organisers to arrange a free “miniconf-only” ticket for
presenters who are unavailable for the remainder of the conference.
    * The LCA2010 organisers will not extend any benefits provided to
conference speakers to miniconf speakers.
    * The organisers of the miniconf cannot assist with travel or
accommodation funding for speakers.


The Linux.conf.au Open Programming Languages Miniconf is a single-day
mini-conference about application development with Open Source
programming languages. Featuring talks on a wide range of topics and
programming languages, this miniconf aims to bring together open
source developers with presentations that share techniques, best
practices and values amongst programmers of all open programming
languages. OPLM2010 will be held at Linux.conf.au 2010, in Wellington,
New Zealand on January 18 or 19.

OPLM2010 is being organised by Christopher Neugebauer and Jacinta
Richardson with help from the broader community. You can contact the
OPLM2010 organising team at oplm2010 at googlegroups.com or visit the
website at http://blogs.tucs.org.au/oplm

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