[Linux-aus] OpenAustralia.org seeks hackfest venue in Sydney

Sarah Stokely-Willcox sarah at foxforcefive.com
Wed Apr 15 09:46:35 EST 2009

Hello all,You may know of OpenAustralia.org, the open source, eDemocracy
website - their main hacker Matthew Landauer has spoken about the project at
I'm hoping to organise a hackfest for the project in Sydney on either Sat 6
June or Sat 13 June, and I'm also hoping someone on the list might be able
to offer a venue or suggest an  organisation which might be suitable to host
It will need wireless access, be accessible on the weekend, and be able to
accommodate up to 20 or so people. Matthew will be there (I will not, as I'm
based in Melbin) so he'll be the Responsible Adult for the purposes of
taking care of keys, making sure the venue is left clean and tidy etc. I
promise we're very well behaved. :)

Please ping me if you have a suggestion for a venue. :)

Many thanks,
(sarah at foxforcefive.com)
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