[Linux-aus] LCA miniconfs and presentations

Ben Powell ben at geonetrix.com.au
Mon Sep 22 11:17:16 EST 2008

Hi All,

As you've probably seen in the press the Miniconfs for LCA09 have been chosen! Presentations are still under review and will be announced shortly (sorry to keep all of you who submitted in suspense).



See press release below:

Linux.conf.au 2009 announces successful miniconferences
Miniconfs attract high quality submissions from passionate OSS advocates

LCA miniconferences have become a feature of Linux.conf.au, giving passionate members of the open source community a chance to collaborate and build momentum and interest on specific areas in open source.

The Linux.conf.au papers committee selected the best miniconfs from a number of wide-ranging areas at their annual selections panel meeting this week.  The successful miniconferences will be (in no particular order):

    * Open Source databases;
    * The Linux Kernel;
    * System Administration;
    * Virtualisation and Management;
    * LinuxChix;
    * MythTV;
    * Multimedia
    * Gaming;
    * The Business of Open Source Software - for developers;
    * Free as in Freedom; and
    * Mobile devices.

"It was a tough decision given the quality of submissions.", said Ben Powell, conference organiser.  "Ultimately I'd have liked to see them all, but in the end we had to make a decision and I reckon all of these miniconfs will provide the high quality of content that we've all come to expect from LCA."

The miniconfs will run two days before the main conference on the 19th and 20th of January 2009, and will provide delegates with a chance to mingle with recognised experts in each of the areas covered by the miniconfs.

"The miniconfs always attract a large number of experts and generate a great deal of excitement and momentum within the communities covered." Mr. Powell said "I expect we'll see some great code produced and some great ideas exchanged even before we hit the main conference."

Linux.conf.au, the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about the conference can be found at http://www.linux.conf.au

About Linux.conf.au

The internationally recognised conference started in Melbourne back in 1999, with CALU: Conference of Australian Linux Users, held at Monash University over 3 days in July 1999.

Renamed to linux.conf.au in 2001 it has grown to become one of the world's best technical Linux conferences.

It continues to be run by community volunteers for the community volunteers that have made Linux and Free and Open Source Software the phenomenon it is today.

More information can be found at the conference webpage at http://www.linux.conf.au 

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