[Linux-aus] LCA bids -- wonderful presentation, but to what purpose?

James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Mon Sep 8 15:34:36 EST 2008

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Glen Turner wrote:
> James Turnbull wrote:
>> That material - to me at least - is important because I want any LCA to
>> look like a professional, credible and valuable conference.
> Do the organisations which issue tenders requiring pro-forma responses
> look less or more professional?  I'd argue that they look more
> professional -- that they know when presentational effort is required
> and when that effort should have no effect on the outcome.

Firstly, my comments on this in no way reflect the LA council's
evaluation process.  They are just my 0.10 cents worth.

*takes off LA hat*

So what happens if the pro-forma response is great but the team have
zero sales/presentation skills?  How do we evaluate those skills in a
pro-forma?  It's alright for tenders where these skills aren't a
requirement - where the response is for example based on technology or
functionality, etc.  But as I far as I see it these skills are required
to put on an LCA - to sell the required tickets and get the required
sponsor money.

And whilst some technical people see these as "soft" skills and hence
easy - well I disagree they aren't.  As I am sure many people involved
in previous LCAs, myself included, can attest to.

> This is not to argue against a high standard of presentation in
> approaches to sponsors, in materials used to attract attendees, or
> in the conference materials themselves.  An effect of this proposal
> is to give the volunteer conference team more time to do such things.

Gives them more time but doesn't demonstrate that they have any ability
to provide that high standard.

> I am disturbed to read in this thread that bids *are* assessed on the
> presentational quality of their bids -- that some assessors see the
> presentation aspects of the bids as somehow reflective of other
> capabilities of the bid team.

Whilst as I said above - my comments were my opinion - I still believe
these presentation skills are valuable and potentially reflect the
team's ability to sell LCA (and hence tickets and gain sponsor money) to
potential punters.


James Turnbull

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