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James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Mon Sep 1 10:23:50 EST 2008

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Mark Wallis wrote:
> I guess the main issue is here we have emailed the above address and  
> have had no reply - not even a confirmation they have received the  
> email. The place we are renting or SFD won't let us finalise the  
> booking without the PI paperwork, hence why we are getting a little  
> nervous.
> Even if we could get a "yes, we received your email and will have  
> something back to you by X" would be greatly appreciated as at this  
> stage, we have advertising that we can't start until we finish the  
> booking, which we can't do without the PI paperwork.

If you're referring to Steve Lindsay's email - and I presume you are as
I can't find an email specifically from you - then it was received on
20/08/2008 with a second email with the required information on the
27/08/2008 (I presume after the LUG comms meeting).

There was not a Council meeting on the week of the 20th.  The motion was
voted on the following week and passed and communicated to the list on
the 28/08/2008.

I specifically responded to Steve's second email this morning
acknowledging his request and apologising that his first email wasn't at
least ack'ed.


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