[Linux-aus] Grant request: video camera hire for AussieChix microconference

Ryan Verner ryan at uanywhere.com.au
Sun Oct 26 15:08:21 EST 2008

Hi Mary,

On 25/10/2008, at 00:07, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> Hiring company: Abacus http://www.abacusrentit.com.au/
> Cost: $181.50 for hire of camera, plus all media etc.

I know this has all been pointed out before & I sound like a broken  
record, but I'd just like to recommend (in order of importance):

- Look at lighting/positioning; nothing worse than a video where you  
can't see the speaker, and many videos seem to end up like this.  This  
may be as simple as playing with the existing lighting controls in the  
room and finding the right balance between speaker illumination and  
slide visibility.

- Looking at some kind of microphone near the speaker - handheld,  
lapel, directional - anything will be better than the internal  
microphone on the camera.  I'd argue audio is actually more important  
to get right than video, and it's something that is often overlooked.   
(Means you need a camera with audio-in)

- Getting a camera that works well in low light (i.e. larger sensor);  
i.e. higher-end consumer or prosumer.  In ideal lighting conditions  
you can get away with a basic camera.

I know the aim likely isn't to go for production grade film, but even  
as a document record, but there are things to consider if you want  
video people will actually watch and make your time invested getting  
this happening worth it.


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