[Linux-aus] Open Office training in NSW

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Thu May 8 03:11:16 UTC 2008

Jeff Waugh wrote:

> There appears to be a lot of interest in Google Apps throughout most state
> governments... Kinda concerning, but completely understandable. I imagine it
> will cool off a bit once some of the negatives are better understood though.

Yep. It was the education department's view of the world I found interesting.
So very different from the view of "enterprise" computing.

They were interested in Linux, but realistic about training costs.  What has
gone away is the notion that they can't use it because it's not what is
used in the "real world". There was this feeling that Linux is used in
enough of the "real world" to be an acceptable choice -- I'd put that
down to GNOME+KDE putting in the ground work, topped off by the effect of
the Eee PC in the technical consciousness as a demonstration that Linux
isn't for nerds anymore.

I got the feeling that they wouldn't be shocked if they were running Linux
as the desktop OS in schools in five years time.  They just weren't in
a position to consider migration sooner.

What they didn't yet understand is just how much cheaper the systems
administration of huge numbers of Linux systems is compared to the
administration of huge numbers of Windows systems.  I arranged for
their tech person to go to a 700 computer lab building at a uni to
see how they get by with one sys admin.

  Glen Turner

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