[Linux-aus] planet

Michael Davies michael at the-davies.net
Sun Mar 23 04:01:29 EST 2008

Hi Michael,

Sorry that your response wasn't handled quicker - I thought I had sent
through a response, but obviously I had forgotten.  Your request will
be dealt with soon - in batch form along with other requests in the



On 3/22/08, Michael Chesterton <chesty at chesterton.id.au> wrote:
>  Hello,
>  Two weeks ago I sent an email to planet at linux.org.au asking for my
>  blog to be added to the planet. I haven't received any response yet.
>  So, I'd like to volunteer to be part of the planet admin team.
>  I have some experience in running a small planet, and 10 years in
>  linux. I've very careful and conservative, I'm not the sort of person
>  jump in making changes for the sake of it.
>  I'd be happy to help with any other admin duties, for that matter.
>  --
>  Michael Chesterton
>  http://chesterton.id.au/blog/

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