[Linux-aus] Grant request: BarCampCanberra

Simon Pascal Klein klepas at klepas.org
Wed Mar 19 12:15:21 EST 2008

Date: Wednesday 19, March 2008.

Project Name: BarCampCanberra

Aim of Project: To hold Canberra's very first BarCamp at the  
Australian National University on the 19th of April (2008). Although  
we want to keep the conference a green day (little to no paper), we're  
still hoping to provide conference t-shirts from Cafepress, water to  
attendees and most importantly wireless Internet access given the  
strong web focus of the conference.

Background: BarCamp is a worldwide string of conferences, or  
"unconferences" whereby the organisers, typically referred to as  
"unorganisers" only plan the venue, vittles and drinks (if any),  
Internet access and streams. However the content of the conference is  
completely determined by its attendees, who organise slots, topics and  
presentation style, all focussed heavily on web technologies.

BarCamps have run all across the globe with great success, and have  
recently started running more commonly in Australia (particularly in  
Melbourne and Sydney).

For more information please see http://www.barcamp.org/ and http://www.barcamp.org/BarCampCanberra/ 

Person Responsible for Request: Simon Pascal Klein

Request: $400 dollars to aid in covering conference expenses.

Note that BarCampCanberra is a non-profit event; in the event that we  
find ourselves with any left-over funds we will choose a charity or  
free software project to donate any such funds to.

Simon Pascal Klein
Concept designer

(w) http://klepas.org
(e) klepas at klepas.org

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